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Student of the Month

September 2017

6th grade – Marcello Arnone and Ellie Chartock

7th grade – Joseph Commentucci and Emily Yoon

8th grade – Brian Hegedus and Victoria Finnegan


October 2017

6th grade - Michael Malpezzi and Angelina Kabic-Palumbo

7th grade - Yonatan Rober and Maria-Lainie Galdo

8th grade - Joseph Condo and Noor Saidi


November 2017

6th grade - Michael Schilling and Julia Lee

7th grade - Ashton Feldman and Mary Claire Costigan

8th grade - Andrew Chania and Kathleen Chen


December 2017

6th grade - Jesse Spoerl and Lindsay Kasner

7th grade - Elijah Chacko and Meggan Shvartsberg

8th grade - Farris El-Azazy and Sophia Berman