Geometry 3242 3rd Quarter 2019
     January 28  January 29  January 30  January 31 February 01 



     Intro to Proofs

    Go Over Proof Reasons Sheet

     Proofs Day Two
    HW:  Complete 4 Proofs

    Proofs Day Three 


     February 04  February 05  February 06  February 07  February 08
     Proofs Day Four
    HW: Complete WS Packet on Fill In Proof Statements and Reasons
     Proofs Day Five
    Intro to Using the Transitive Property
    HW: Complete 5 Proofs including Transitive Property
     Review for Proof Test

     Proof Test

    Partner Work on Angle Puzzles with Parallel Lines
    February 11 February 12  February 13

    February 14 

    February 15 
     Intro to Section 6-1 "Ratios and Proportions"
     WS Packet 6-1 (cont'd)
    HW: Complete pgs 5 thru 7 in WS Packet
    Section 6-1 (cont'd)

    Section 6-1 (cont'd) 

     Quiz on Section 6-1 "Ratios and Proportions"
     February 18  February 19 February 20  February 21  February 22 


     Intro to Section 6-3 "Similar Polygons"


    Section 6-3 (cont'd) 

     Section 6-3 (cont'd)

    HW: Complete last 2 pgs in WS Packet 6-3 

     February 25  February 26  February 27 February 28  March 01 

     WS Packet 6-3 (cont'd)

    Intro to Triangle Similarity Shortcuts

    HW: Complete WS Packet 6-4/6-5 on Triangle Similarity Shortcuts

     Mini-Quiz on Section 6-3

    Intro to Section 6-6 "Proportional Parts of Similar Triangles"

    WS Packet 6-6 (cont'd)  

    HW: Complete pgs 7 thru 11

    WS Packet 6-6 (cont'd) 

     March 04 March 05   March 06  March 07 March 08 


     Chapter 6 Test Review


    Chapter 6 Test



    Intro to Section 5-1 "Midsegments of Triangles"

    HW: Complete WS Packet 5-1 


    Intro to Special Segments of Triangles 

    Sketchpad Lab on Special Segments of Triangles 
     March 11  March 12 March 13  March 14  March 15 
     Special Segments (cont'd)
    Students are to practice constructing each of the 4 Special Segments and look into how obtuse triangles affect certain special segments
    Review of Chapter 6 Test
    Ws Packet on Median Problems
    HW: Complete WS Packet on Medians
    Sketchpad Lab on Angle Bisectors and Perpendicular Bisectors 
    Partner Work on WS Packet on Special Segments 
    Go over Previous 2 HW Assignments on Special Segments
     March 18  March 19  March 20  March 21  March 22

    Work on Chapter 5 Sample Quiz
    HW: Complete Sample Quiz
     Chapter 5 Test Review
     Chapter 5 Test on Special Segments of Triangles

     Intro to The Pythagorean Theorem

    HW: Complete WS Packet on Pyth Thm Problems

    Pythagorean Theorem Application Problems via Group Work

    (Day One)

     March 25 March 26  March 27  March 28  March 29 
     Pythagorean Theorem Application Problems via Group Work
    (Day Two)
     Intro to WS Packet 7.2 on the Converse of the Pyth Thm

    Section 7.2 (cont'd) 
    HW: Complete Problem #'s 2 thru 15

    Mini-Quiz on Section 7-2 
     Problem Set on Converse of The Pyth Thm
     April 01  April 02  April 03 April 04  April 05 

     Algebra I Problem Set on Two Equations with Two Unknowns


    Addl Pyth Thm Problems with Algebra I Manipulations 
    HW: Complete #'s 8 thru 16 on Word Problems

     Pyth Thm 9 Word Problems with Applications

     Test Review for Pyth Thm

    Answer Key for Quiz Review of Pyth Thm


    Test on Pythagorean Theorem 




    Answer Key for Quad Test for 2019 

     Answer Key for Ws Packet on Areas


     Answer Key for Section 11-4 on Circles and Arc Lengths

    Answer Key for Shaded Areas of Circles

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