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    The painless way to learn SAT vocabulary, these books showcase more than 1,000 vocabulary words frequently included on the SAT.
The Marino Mission
By: Karen Chapman
Sixteen-year-old Alexa reluctantly joins her mother a marine biologist, for a summer in Nicaragua, but finds that her internship in a DNA lab can provide the help a new friend needs to come to the aid of some captive dolphins.
Genre: Adventure fiction, Science fiction
The Mayan Mission
By: Karen Chapman
Teens Alexa and Jose reunite at the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple where they unearth intriguing clues about this ancient civilization. When they uncover a sinister scheme to sell priceless Mayan artifacts to the highest bidder, they get caught up in a fast-paced jungle adventure that draws them into a heart-wrenching predicament.
Genre: Suspense fiction
Confessions of a High School Word Nerd
edited by: A. Cohen & C. Kinder
This book is a collection of ten well-written, entertaining essays by recent college-graduates-turned-writers that honestly and amusingly recount wild, traumatizing, and hilarious high-school events, using common SAT words as a study tool.
Genre: Humorous fiction
Rave New World
By: Lynne Hansen
It's the year 2157, and every pleasure that doesn't turn people into dutiful consumers has been classified as an addiction and outlawed. Jaden Emory's job is to find out people's hidden addictions - and root them out. But when rebellious raver Ally Fayre enters the picture, it's Jaden who becomes addicted to her.
Genre: Science fiction
By: Emma Harrison
Mike Riley's untouchable - he's the high school quarterback, he's dating the hottest girl in the school, and he can't seem to lose at cards. But then his luck turns, and one bad night of Texas Hold 'Em threatens to shatter his perfect life. To get back on top, Mike stakes everything on a brazen scheme to bet a group of ruthless card sharks at their own game.
Genre: Teen fiction
By: Emma Harrison
Kim Stratford has her eye on two different guys, but thats not her real problem. She's actually an undercover cop trying to bust a high school drug ring. Will she give her impetuous heart to the dealer shes supposed to catch? Or will she pick the right guy- and risk losing him when he finds out she's a narc?
Genre: Teen fiction
Head Over Heels
By: Ryan Nerz
Francesa Castarelli has to choose. Dreamy and athletic Jeremy is the most popular boy in her school and the center of her social scene. Luke Barton isn't part of her scene at all - he's her SAT tutor and an impudent smart aleck. Will Francesca risk everything for the guy who drives her crazy -- in every way?
Genre: Teen fiction
By: Belinda Ray
A counseling group and surfing in New Hampshires winter waves help high school junior Kristen Carmichael deal with her parents divorce and new relationships after she makes some very bad choices at school and with her friends.
Genre: Teen fiction
Vampire Dreams
By: Tyche
Twenty-two-year-old James Weston, a medical student in London, is the victim of an apparent mugging that will change his life forever.
Genre: Horror fiction