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    Community Counseling Services

    Community counseling services are provided to students in an attempt to empower them with the life skills, values, and personal growth necessary to successfully meet challenges they may face throughout their high school years and beyond. In-school assistance and support are available on a daily basis to any student in need and incorporate both individual and group counseling. Sessions are tailored to the needs of each individual or group and may include the following areas of focus:


    • Substance abuse education and prevention
    • Emotional issues, family issues, and personal issues
    • Coping skills and stress management
    • Decision making
    • Social skills
    • Self-awareness and self-esteem
    • Character education and values clarification
    • Behavior and anger management
    • Establishing academic and personal goals
    • Conflict resolution and mediation
    • Crisis intervention

    Students may be referred to the Community Counselor by school staff, parents, or friends. Students may also initiate services on their own through self-referrals. Regardless of the referral source, participation in counseling is voluntary. Although services are confidential, parents may be contacted and involved on an as needed basis, with prior knowledge and consent of the student. In addition, confidentiality does not pertain to situations in which students may present a danger to self or others.

    Community counseling is a supplemental, support service of the Guidance Department. Services are provided by a master's degree level counselor certified in Secondary School Counseling by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


Last Modified on January 28, 2019