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Title I Math

What is Title I Math?

Students at Pine Road Elementary School who qualify may be offered remedial help through Title I, a federally funded program to help those children in need of academic support. In general, Title I Math seeks to provide additional or extended learning opportunities, individualized support, and alternative instructional strategies.

Students are selected using multiple criteria, including scores on standardized tests, individual math assessments and classroom performance.

The Title I program supplements the regular classroom Mathematics program. The students receive both push-in and pull-out services. The push-in service is during their math class. The pull-out service is during their WIN time so they are not missing instruction. When we push into the room, we are supporting them in their curriculum area. During WIN, we are reinforcing weak skill areas as well as reinforcing the curriculum they are learning at the time.

Student progress is monitored throughout the year and adjustments to the program are made as necessary.

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