Pennsylvania Keystone Exam

Winter Session 2020-2021

    • The Winter session will focus on all students that were not able to take the exam during the special September window.
    • The Winter Session will move to February with focus dates on February 10, 17, and 24.
    • Focus of this test sessions will be on students that did not take the Alegra keystone in September.
    • Information will be communicated to individual students as well as through the high school news letter and email blasts.
    • For information regarding graduation requirements please visit the PDE GRaduation Requirement Page
    • For general information regarding the Keystone Exams please click on the link provided.  

September 2020 Schedule

  •  Frequently Asked Questions (September 2020)

    Who is testing? 

    Students who took American Studies, Biology, and Algebra 1 last school year will test during September 2020 testing window. The cohort will be made up of mostly eleventh grade students for Literature and Biology. The Algebra 1 test takers will be a mix of ninth grade students, tenth grade students, and a smaller number of eleventh grade students. Students who have taken the Keystone but did not achieve the score of proficient or advanced will also be registered to test during this window. Students currently enrolled in American Studies, Biology, and Algebra will NOT test during this window, rather they will test in the spring of 2021.

     How will my student get to school?

    Students can arrive by car or take the bus. Busing will also be available on testing days. 

    Why is there a test if the state canceled testing last year? 

    Students are still required to complete the state and local mandate for graduation. Scoring proficient or advanced on the Keystone test provides a clear path for the state mandated graduation requirement. Students who took a Keystone course in the spring of 2020 are encouraged to complete testing prior to seeking an alternative path.

    Last year I heard that the Keystones were tied to graduation. Is this true? 

    In accordance with Act 158, statewide graduation requirements take effect with the class of 2022. Act 158 provides five options for meeting graduation requirements: (1) Keystone Proficiency Pathway, (2) Keystone Composite Pathway, (3) Alternate Assessment Pathway, (4) Evidence-Based Pathway, and (5) Career and Technical Education Pathway.

    The first two pathways are based solely on Keystone Exam scores. For that reason, all students, including any student enrolled in a Keystone trigger course during the spring of the 2019-20 school year, must have full access to all five options to meet graduation requirements. For more information please click on this link

    How will my virtual student take the Keystone test?

    All testing will be done at the High School. While virtual students are participating remotely for learning, they will need to be in the building for testing. The Literature and Biology Keystone exams will both occur on Wednesdays, when the student body is not actively in the building. Social distancing will be maintained throughout the testing period. The Algebra test, which will be delivered to a small population, will occur during the school day, in a setting where social distancing will be maintained.

    Why not test during the hybrid school days? 

    Our district values instructional time and would like to limit the time lost to testing. Administering the Biology and Literature Keystones on Wednesdays, when learning is largely asynchronous, allows us to preserve students' instructional time as much as possible. 

    Whom do I contact if I have questions?

    Mr. Rehr is the testing coordinator for the high school and can be reached via email ( or phone (215) 938-0220 ext. 2507.  


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