Pennsylvania Keystone Exam

Spring Session 2021

  • Update 4/15/2021: For students in the Class of 2023 and beyond, the Keystone exams in Algebra, Literature and Biology are a requirement for high school graduation in Pennsylvania.  Participation in the Keystone exams during the year in which students are taking Algebra, American Studies and Biology is an important step in their high school experience.  

    • The Spring session will aim to test ALL students in Keystone trigger courses: Algebra, American Studies, and Biology
    • The testing window will open on May 17 and will remian open through the summer. 
    • Information will be communicated to individual students as well as through the high school newsletter and email blasts.
    • For information regarding graduation requirements please visit the PDE GRaduation Requirement Page
    • For general information regarding the Keystone Exams please click on the link provided.  

April 2021 Schedule

  •  Frequently Asked Questions (April 2021)

    Who is testing? 

    All students in the trigger courses of Algebra I, American Studies, and Biology. Virtual students are still required to take the Keystone exam.

     Last year I heard that the Keystones were tied to graduation. Is this true? 

    In accordance with Act 158, statewide graduation requirements take effect with the class of 2022. Act 158 provides five options for meeting graduation requirements: (1) Keystone Proficiency Pathway, (2) Keystone Composite Pathway, (3) Alternate Assessment Pathway, (4) Evidence-Based Pathway, and (5) Career and Technical Education Pathway.

    The first two pathways are based solely on Keystone Exam scores. For that reason, all students, including any student enrolled in a Keystone trigger course during the spring of the 2019-20 school year, must have full access to all five options to meet graduation requirements. For more information please click on this link

    How will my virtual student take the Keystone test?

    It is required that all testing be conducted at school. While virtual students are participating remotely for learning, they will need to be in the building for testing. We will utilize the cafeteria space for testing as we did during the September and December testing window. Desks are spaced out 6" and this area will be dedicated to virtual students during the testing period.  If you cannot come in during the testing days, a summer option will be made available to you. For any special circumstances feel free to reach out to the testing coordinator, Mr. Rehr, as early as possible.  

    Will there be transportation for the virtual students? 

    Transportation is available for virtual students. There will be a survey sent out during the week of April 26, 2021 asking for transportation requests.  Please look for the survey and complete fully. 

    I heard I can opt out. What is that? 

    The opt option has been in existence for quite a while. The opt out exists as a religious objection. If you would like to opt out of the test, you need to contact the school in writing first. Then you will be given a time to view the exam, and sign off on the desire to opt your child out of the exam. 

    What if my virtual student simply does not show up? 

    If they do not come in to test the state has created a category known as "refusal." This option will be selcted and returned to the state. What is not yet known is how that will impact the graduation requirement still in place for this cohort. As of right now the state holds proficiency as a graduation requirement for this cohort. 

    Whom do I contact if I have questions?

    Mr. Rehr is the testing coordinator for the high school and can be reached via email ( or phone (215) 938-0220 ext. 2507.  


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