• To log in to Home Access Center, please visit the appropriate link below:

    ***PARENTS - Use the username and password you received for your account.

    ***STUDENTS - Use your district Google email address and password.

    Please contact hachelp@lmtsd.org if you need assistance with HAC.

    Home Access Center

    Lower Moreland Township School District
    Home Access Center (HAC)


    At Lower Moreland Township School District, we truly believe our parents are our partners in the education of our students.  To this end, we have made available Home Access Center.

    Home Access Center (HAC) enables you to view your student's registration, attendance, report card, progress report, classwork, and scheduling information.



    *Are you having trouble accessing the annual update form for a second or third child?

    The next time you login to HAC, you should be taken to the update form automatically.  If the form you see first is one you've already completed and submitted:

    1. Click on the blue "Home" button at the top right to be taken to a screen that lists your children and the forms that have been previously saved/submitted for them.

    2. Below the list of "Saved Forms" (which will show any forms previously submitted), click on "Update Form".  This will open up an "Update Student" option.

    3. In the drop down menu to the right of "Update Student", select a child for whom you still need to complete a form.

    4. Click "Go" to be taken to that child's form.

    5.  Once that form has been completed and submitted, you can repeat this process for any additional children.

    Note: If you have previously opened a form and clicked on "Save" without submitting the form, it should appear in the "Saved Forms" list with a status of "SAVED BUT NOT SUBMITTED."  You can click on "Edit" at the right end of that status line to return to that form, complete it, and submit it.



    The Lower Moreland Township School District has become aware of some issues viewing grades on the Home Access parent portal (for our eSchool student information system). 

    The first is that a third-party (not from eSchool nor the District) has an app available in the App Store to access eSchool.  This app functions as a portal in much the same way that Home Access does, but it is not an eSchool or District-approved app. When a parent enters their credentials to pull their student’s data, this puts the data in the hands of a third party.  Moreover, it does not show grades as they would appear if the parent used Home Access. Therefore, the District strongly discourages use of a third-party application. 

    Second, when you view grades under the “”Classes” heading on Home Access, the default view is a partial one.  You can choose the “Full View” option by clicking on that button on the right-hand side of the screen. This view will provide the weighted amount for each category, such as assessments, quizzes, class participation, etc. 

    Thank you.