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    Newspaper Club Staff Meeting Schedule Spring 2017

    *Most Meetings are Mondays at 8:00 in the Pine Road Library*


    Meeting Goal


    Introduction to Newspaper Club and

    Article Topic Selection


    All Reporters, Advice Columnists, Poets, Fiction Authors report to meet and discuss assignments and deadlines.

    All photographers, illustrators, and cartoonists report to meet and discuss assignments and deadlines.


    Article Work Session

    Attend if you need to complete work to submit your first draft.

    Interviewers finish drafting questions.

    3/22/17 WEDNESDAY

    Article Work Session

    Attend if you need to complete work to submit your first draft.

    Photographers, cartoonists, and illustrators check in.


    Article Work Session

    Dedicated time for interview articles


    First Drafts Due

    Editors will be assigned to check first drafts.

    Illustrators and Cartoonists should have pencil drawn work done.

    Photographers should have photos uploaded to the general drive.  Folders should indicate the subject and the photographers first and last name.


    Editing Work Session

    Attend if you need to finalize your draft.

    Photographers should attend and select first choice photos.

    Illustrators and Cartoonists should black line their work.


    Final Drafts Due

    All work should be complete by this meeting.

    Illustrators and Cartoonists should submit their work for photography to include in the paper.


    Formatting Work Session

    Final Proof will be submitted to the publisher.


    Newspaper Staff Final Edition Preview and Delivery!

    *If Pine Road has a 2-hour delay or school closure due to weather, we will not have a meeting on that day.  I will send you an email to the parent email listed on your application informing you of a make-up date.  

    *It is very important that you attend each of your assigned meetings, and that you are on time for each of those meetings.  Article Work Sessions are voluntary opportunities with time dedicated to work on articles or ask questions of the moderators to ensure work is completed in a timely fashion.

    *If you are unable to make a meeting, please email Mrs. Zschunke, Ms. Dougherty or Ms. Keller.

    Newspaper Staff, please submit articles using out Google Classroom
    Visit our digital news site: http://pineroadroars.blogspot.com/  
    We will post articles and photographs there as reporters meet their deadlines.  Enjoy! 
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