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    ART - easel Mrs. Barash 
    Your child will use their imaginations in their projects and  be proud of what they create.  The world of art can be so exciting and we want every child to experience its wonder! We look forward to seeing what each child will create this year in the art room!
    MUSIC - muscinotes Mr. Champion, Ms. Handfinger, Mrs. Eisenman, Ms. Wheeler
    Singing, playing instruments, moving to music, and creating music enables students to acquire musical skills and knowledge.  Learning to read and notate music allows the students to explore music independently with others.  Listening to, analyzing, and evaluating music provides the student with a strong foundation for musical learning
    LIBRARY - books Mrs. Zschunke
    The library program includes library skills, stories and learning to use a computer to locate library books and reference skills. Great books to read include all the Caldecott and Newbery books. The award-winning books are selected every year by USA librarians.
    PHYSICAL EDUCATION - gymsign Mrs. Lusignea
                                                  Ms. Cohen, Mr. Mickle
    The goal of our program is for all students to be successful and have fun while learning about various sport and activity skills, movement concepts, cooperative activities, sportsmanship, functions of the body's muscles, skeletal and cardiovascular system, and most important, becoming a physically fit person for life.
    COMPUTERS - mouse  Mrs. Krupa
    The technology program integrates with each grade levels' curriculum. It is through collaboration with each team that all lessons are built. The computer skills are taught using real-world activities. This is done to help the students understand that computers are tools for learning first and, of course, for fun too. 

Last Modified on August 9, 2016