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     Good morning Murray Avenue! I hope you are home, cozy and healthy. I truly miss your smiling faces! Check out your Google Classroom for enrichment opportunities related to creating art. Consider participating in our #sketchbreakproject - to create a drawing a day, inspired by the prompts below. If you do not have drawing supplies, think outside the box! Use sidewalk chalk, regular old pens, printer paper, napkins...even the inside of a cereal box works as a great drawing surface. If you don't want to draw, consider participating by taking photos. Be sure to email me your creations, or tag me on Twitter if you are participating there! @JollyArtLM  Dates will be added as necessary.
    Tuesday, April 7, 2020

    Murray Avenue School - Room 102

    Fine Art, 6-8

    Fine Art Department Chair, K-12  

    Phone: 215-938-0230 *3102

    Email: jjolly@lmtsd.org

     Follow the AMAZING things happening in the Art Room on Twitter: @JollyArtLM



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