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    Wednesday, November 14, 2018


     Greetings, New Murray Avenuians! Pharaoh Shlobster!

    School: Murray Avenue School

    Room Assignment: Room 206

    Class Assignment: Sixth Grade Social Studies

    Phone: 215.938.0270 x3206

    Email: jhorrell@lmtsd.org

     Sixth Grade Social Studies

    Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome

    LM One2One Initiative

    Foundation for LM Schools Board Member

    SAP Team

    MaTV Media Club Co-Sponsor

    Curator of the International Shlobster Project


    Dear Sixth Grade Students:

    The following six statements frame my entire approach to our work together. Everything I do with you during sixth grade comes from this framework.

    1. You possess limitless human potential.

    2. You have skills and talents you may not even know you have.

    3. I have a limited amount of time to help and guide your process of development and discovery.

    4. Murray Avenue School is the absolute best place in the world to do this work.

    5. It is my responsibility to establish situations and conditions under which you can choose to be successful.

    6. Making mistakes can be highly informative in your development and education.

    Social Studies is the umbrella under which all other subjects are taught.
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    Here's the scrapbook link, but you'll learn more about this later --> sixth grade page.



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