June 18, 2009

    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    As you are aware, construction of the new classrooms at Pine Road Elementary School has begun.  We are excited about moving into the new facility scheduled for September, 2010. The renovations will allow us to maximize resources, address space issues at Murray Avenue, and satisfy the demands of a growing enrollment.

    The purpose of this letter is to provide information regarding the recommendations of the Facilities Committee. The committee was comprised of township officials, community members, parents, administrators, board members, and teachers. The committee worked cooperatively and thoughtfully over the past six months to develop a plan that would best address the space needs at Murray Avenue School, and the High School while remaining fiscally responsible and respectful of the members of the Lower Moreland Township community.

    The committee was charged with reviewing the existing enrollment projections and the infrastructure at the High School, Murray Avenue and Pine Road Schools. Visits were made to recently renovated and/or newly constructed schools in the surrounding areas. Based on the visits and the need to address space issues at Murray Avenue, it was deemed necessary to consider a grade level alignment that is more consistent with what best practices reflect. Therefore, the proposed grade level structure for the 2010-2011 school year will be K-5 (elementary), 6-8 (middle) and 9-12 (high school).

    To that end, the committee presented its recommendations to the Board of School Directors at the June 16th meeting. The recommendations were approved and are as follows:

    ·         Retain incoming 4th grade students at Pine Road (2010-2011)

    ·         Return incoming 5th graders from Murray Avenue to Pine Road (2010-2011)

    ·         Realign staff (guidance counselor, reading/math specialist, special area teachers)

    ·         Make additions to staff (assistant principal, special education/gifted services/ESL)

    Typically, whenever change occurs, there is some apprehension regarding adjustments as a result of the change. To better prepare for the transition and the changes it will bring, a Transition Committee will be convened to listen to and address any needs expressed by students, parents and staff. Our goal, as always, is to provide the optimum learning environment for our students so that we can continue to foster individual excellence and cultivate a love of learning. The Transition Committee will serve to uphold that goal.

    Please know that the district is committed to keeping our community and staff fully informed by providing monthly updates via email. Your comments and questions are welcome and will be shared with the Transition Committee members.


    Dr. Marykay Feeley

    Superintendent of Schools

Last Modified on January 4, 2011