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    Sunday, May 26, 2019

    School:  Lower Moreland High School
    Room Assignment:  Room 111
    Class Assignment:   Spanish V and VI
    Phone:   215-938-0220  215-938-0220     Ext. 2111
    Email:   sshuster@lmtsd.org (parents) AND ymail@comcast.net (students)

    It is my greatest honor and pleasure to be working with your child this year!  To quote one of our strategic plan priority goals, I truly believe it is my responsibility to always be "expanding learning opportunities for all students to reach their full potential".  I have always believed that our collective purpose, as teachers, is to meet students where they are and take them as far as they can go.

    That said, I have two special items which will help me to introduce myself.  The first is a 24/7 email helpline for all of my students which is accessible all year long (summers, too!).  I enjoy and strongly encourage participation! My email addresses are listed above!  I welcome parent emails as well!
    The second item I wish to highlight is SenorAOnLine, my web site!  It provides a review for every quiz and test, sample items with answers, study techniques, vital class information, homework and so much more!  There is also a direct link to my email at the bottom of the web site which enables me to provide service when school is not in session.  Students will be receiving all of the help they need whenever they may need it.  I believe that the more support we offer our students, the greater their confidence and achievement will be!  I am looking forward to an amazing year!!
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