British Literature - Quarter 3
     last updated 3/20          Test Wednesday/Friday

    February 01

    February 02

    February 03

    "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"
    handout due
     Author Sheet due


    February 06

    February 07

    February 08

    February 09

    February 10

    "She Walks in Beauty"
    Lord Byron



    "Chapman's Homer"
    "When I Have Fears"
    "Ode on a Grecian Urn"
    questions due
    Intro to Library
    (in Library Lab)

    February 13

    February 14

    February 15

    February 16

    February 17

    Library bib cards
    6 (lib. lab)
    bib cards
    library lab

    Romantic Test


    Bib cards

     President's Day

    February 20

    February 21

    February 22

    February 23

    February 24

     President's Day
    8 Bib cards due at
    beginning of period
    discussion of notecards
    To library
    note cards
    3 and 6D library

    Vocabulary 8

    notecards library

    February 27

    February 28

    February 29

    March 01

    March 02


    15 notecards due today
    in class
    Victorian Age background

    notecards library

    notecards library 

    notecards library

    March 05

    March 06

    March 07

    March 08

    March 09

    final 15 notecards due

    discussion of thesis and outline
    Answer questions
    Tennyson "Ulysses"
    "Lady of Shalott"

    work on outline

    Library Lab


    work on outline

    Library Lab

     Work on Victorian
    poetry projects
    Thesis and outline due
    Victorian poetry

    March 12

    March 13

    March 14

    March 15

    March 16

    work on intro
    3 and 6 
    Works Cited
    inclass work on 

    Victorian poem presentations


    Victorian poem presentation

    intro due today 

    Victorian poem presentation

    March 19

    March 20

    March 21

    March 22

    March 23


    Victorian poem presentation



    Victorian poem presentation



    Victorian poem presentation


    My Last Duchess
    in class work

    Oral Presentation



    work on paper 


    Test review

    March 26

    March 27

    March 28

    March 29

    March 30

    Victorian test
    Oral presentation handout due
    Oliver Twist

    Oliver Twist 

    Complete draft due

    and W.C. page

    Oliver Twist

    April 02

    April 03

    April 04

    April 05

    April 06


    Spring Break

    Spring Break

    Spring Break

    Spring Break

    Spring Break

    April 09

    April 10


    Final Paper due
    tomorrow! NO
    You must hand in an
    extra Works Cited
    page with sources
    ranked accord. to
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