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    The high school offers students the opportunity to take a wide range of computer electives that may interest them. These courses are based in technology, and the daily instruction takes place in a computer lab. Students do not learn technology skills in isolation. This curriculum is integrated into these courses, such as accounting, computer graphics, web site design, introduction to design, and digital photography. This technology may be a new software program or a new piece of equipment. Students will learn how to use this new software application in order to create a product, such as Adobe Photoshop for their course either in computer graphics, web site design, introduction to design or digital photography. Students will use new accounting software for their accounting course. Besides using computers, students may be taught how to use a scanner, digital camera or camcorder, which are available to students in the computer lab or the library media center.

    These innovative courses nurture students' creativity and may prepare them for a future career in this digital age. Many students often pursue one of these courses as a major in college. Students also develop stronger information and visual literacy skills when on the web.

    Visit each teacher's website for details about their courses. General questions regarding the program can be directed to Mrs. Linda Yerkees, Lead Teacher for Library/Technology 9 - 12. Visit the description of each of the courses offered in the Program of Studies.
Last Modified on August 24, 2015