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    Social Studies

    The Social Studies department offers a comprehensive program which provides students with a substantial background in U.S. and world history and culture while offering them the opportunity in the junior and senior years to select courses from the behavioral and social sciences.  For the serious and talented student of social studies, there is also the opportunity to select Advanced Placement courses in U.S. History, European History, Micro and Macro Economics, and Government and Politics.
    All social studies courses include strong components to develop student writing, speaking, critical thinking, research, and computer skills.  Teachers rely upon flexible grouping to instruct students in content-based grammar, vocabulary and writing skills as well as library and computer-based research.  In addition, students are given numerous public speaking opportunities through role playing and formal presentations.

    Visit each teacher's website for details about their courses. General questions regarding the program can be directed to Mrs. Carole Burton-Haldeman, Lead Teacher in Social Studies 9 - 12. Visit the description of each of the courses offered in the Program of Studies.
Last Modified on August 1, 2018