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ESSER Grants Information

Grant Applications

Grant Application Update:

ARP ESSER 7% Set Asides provide funding to the district for the following required areas:  After School, Summer School and Learning Loss, specifically reading remediation.  The District's allocation is $50,766 and consists of one-time allocations to support these areas.  Because ESSER funds are temporary, the new allocation will allow the district to extend and supplement programs and services that began using previous ESSER grants, or federal programs, through 2024.  Previously approved with public input, the following programs will continue using the set asides allocation:

ESOL After School Program to support Entering and Emerging English Learners.

Summer programming for students to support emotional and mental health and provide social and learning opportunities at no cost to the family.

Mental Health Support Counselor to support the social development and mental health of students in middle school.

Professional development for all staff in trauma-informed education that focuses on student engagement and relationship building.

Summer reading materials to extend learning into the summer months for early elementary students.