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Act 35

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The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires that school districts administer a locally developed civics exam to students at least once during grades 7-12. The assessment includes United States history, government and civics that includes the nature, purpose, principles and structure of United States constitutional democracy, the principles, operations and documents of the United States government and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. In the Lower Moreland Township School District all students must take an American government course prior to graduation. This requirement will begin with the Class of 2022 and remain in place for students in subsequent graduating classes. The requirement may be fulfilled by taking one of the following courses: AP U.S. Government and Politics (2570), U.S. Government and Civics (2557) or Introduction to Government and Economics (2563). The required Civics exam will be administered at or near the completion of the government courses (2570, 2557 and 2563). A certificate will be awarded to each student who scores a 100% on the examination.

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