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Audit Definitions and Information

Audited Financial Information

The district is subject to the following types of audits:

Local Audit In accordance with Pennsylvania School Code, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or CPA firm must annually audit the district. The district pays for this audit. The audit is an examination of the districts financial statements by an independent, external person(s) to ascertain whether or not the district-prepared financial statements fairly represent in material (significant) respects its financial position and operations. The auditor offers an opinion on this matter.  
State Audit An audit is also required under State law to be conducted by the State Auditor General. This audit generally takes place every two years. The audit determines if the district received the proper allocation of state funds and whether the funds were used in conformance with state law. There is no cost to the district for this audit.  
Other Audits The district is also subject to other audits by the Federal government to assure compliance with Federal program guidelines with regard to Federal money received. In addition, periodically there are other audits of specific areas of operation by various bureaus of local, state, and federal government, e.g. special education, food services, etc.