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Solar Project



Lower Moreland Township School District is a solar power producing school district.  The district installed  solar photo-voltaic panels on the roofs of its three schools in 2012.  The solar panels generate a combined quantity of 575 kilowatts of electricity, which is about one third of the High School’s electrical demand.  It is also equivalent to eliminating 4,674 tons of CO2 emissions or saving 1,402 acres of trees or not driving 12,800,000 vehicle miles.   

The solar project provides a learning opportunity for students and a practical teaching aid for the classroom.  Students will be able to learn about energy conservation, firsthand, by tracking the energy generated on the roof.  Having a working power plant on their school roof, students will be able to track the relationship between sunlight and electricity production which will provide further opportunities to learn about the technology, economics and consider the environmental and health impacts of different energy sources.

You can connect to our solar monitoring solution from our website or from the solar monitors and kiosks found in our school lobbies and track our system performance, energy production and savings.  

High School
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