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Lower Moreland Township School District will be an exemplary learning community committed to preparing and empowering all learners for success in a dynamic world. 


Lower Moreland Township School District will foster individual growth and success in a nurturing environment that engages students in meaningful and empowering learning experiences.  In partnership with students, families, staff and community members, the district will provide opportunities for students to collaborate, create, communicate and think critically. 

Shared Core Beliefs:

  1. All students have unique attributes, talents and interests.  Therefore, each learns in different ways and at varying rates.  
  2. Growth and development are important outcomes in the learning process and require:
    1. safe, respectful and supportive environments.
    2. a well-rounded and rigorous curriculum that fosters academic and social and emotional education.
    3. inclusive communities in which all members are empowered and demonstrate tolerance, empathy and resilience.
  3. Learning is dependent upon model teaching that reflects current learning theory and pedagogy.    
  4. Education is a shared responsibility, dependent upon open communication and collaboration among students, school personnel, families and the Lower Moreland Township community.
  5. Lower Moreland Township schools are a vital part of the community.  Diversity of culture and beliefs enrich learning opportunities.