• Snack


     In fifth grade we have a morning snack within the classroom.  Students may bring in a small snack that can be eaten relatively quickly.  Please keep in mind that we have only 10 minutes for snack, so please send food in ready to eat form.


    Ideas for a Healthy Snack


    • Fruit (grapes, berries, watermelon chunks, pineapple chunks, apple, orange, banana, sliced kiwi, peaches, nectarines, pears, cherries, dried or freeze dried fruits)

    • Vegetables (carrots, celery, sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, broccoli with dip)

    • Pretzels, crackers, cheese, yogurt, goldfish, apple sauce, fruit cocktail cup, nuts, dry cereal, teddy grahams, cheese crackers

    • water or 100% fruit juice

    • please do not send candy or dessert treats

Last Modified on September 2, 2016