• Final Project Reflection due tomorrow! (5/29/14)

    REFLECT:  You will turn in a reflection on your project. The reflection should be at least 5 complete sentences. Address the following questions and feel free to add anything else you’d like to share. EACH MEMBER OF A GROUP IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN REFLECTION.

    • Why did you choose this project?

    • IF IN GROUP - How well did you and the group members work together?

    • IF SOLO - Describe the process of creating your project. What steps did you take?

    • What did you learn from this project?

    • How did your knowledge from singing in choir assist you in the creation of your project?

    • What was your favorite part of the project?

    Resource Recordings for May 1st concert:

    STAR: (We are singing harmonies from m. 28, "And the rocket's red glare."  Instruments only at the beginning.) 

    May it Be:  (I love their vowels, but I want more phrasing! :)  )

    America the Brave:

    Lullaby of Birdland: (Great note accuracy here!  Great dynamics at the end!  Let's try to swing a bit more than them, though!) 

    Resource Recordings for Possible Songs for the Winter 2013 Concert:

    African Kyrie:
    Ancient Latin text set in an African cultural style, rhythm, and timbre.

    Kyrie - inspired by Largo from New World Symphony (Dvorak):
    Ancient Latin text set to a famous theme from a romantic symphony of the 1800s

    (Choir performing in a concert hall with slightly different harmonies and added violin accompaniment:)
    (Choir performing our exact arrangement for an unrelated service:)

    Hatikva (The Hope)  arr. John Leavitt
    The National Anthem of Israel, a lyrical Hebrew melody

    Ki Mi Tziyon arr. Gerald J. Luongo
    The Hebrew language used in an upbeat, challenging dance/madrigal style.