• ** Room 47 is PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE **
    (any food containing peanuts/tree nuts must be consumed in the cafeteria during lunch time only!)
    Snacks and Birthdays


    In kindergarten, we discuss healthy eating.  We learn about eating a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables as part of our health curriculum.  Please send one healthy snacks for your child each day, separate from his/her lunch.   We eat healthy snacks at snack time and save treats for dessert at lunch.


    Ideas for a healthy snack: 

    Fruit (grapes, berries, melon chunks, pineapple chunks, apple slices, orange, banana, kiwi, peaches, nectarines, pears, cherries, raisins, craisins, other dried fruits)

    Vegetables (carrots, celery, sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sliced peppers, broccoli)

    Pretzels, crackers, cheese, yogurt, goldfish crackers, popcorn, apple sauce, fruit cocktail cups, nuts, dry cereal, teddy grahams, cheese crackers


    Be sure to look at labels (with or without your child).  Many snacks that people perceive as healthy are really not!  As our physical education teacher points out, many yogurts marketed for kids are very high in sugar, as are "fruit" snacks and many juice boxes.  If you are buying yogurt, fruit snacks or juice boxes, be sure to buy the natural versions with no added sugar.  As a general rule, snacks with less than 10 grams of sugar are appropriate.  Just so you are aware, some snacks that are very high in sugar are considered candy in our classroom.  If your child brings this kind of snack to school, he or she will be allowed to eat it as a dessert at lunch but not snack time.  Snacks like fruit snacks, most Tastykakes, cookies, donuts and candy bars are all examples of this.  Also be sure to watch out for snack chips- Doritos and such are very high in fat and salt, pretzels or popcorn are a much better choice if your child enjoys this type of snack!


    Birthday Celebrations

    Happy Birthday

    **PLEASE NOTE: In Kindergarten, we celebrate birthdays without food

    In lieu of food, the birthday child may bring in a class set of 





    Pencil sharpeners


    Other options include:

    Bringing in a favorite book to read to the class

    Having a special family member read a favorite book to the class

    Students may also wish to bring in a special item to share with the class


    ** It is Kindergarten policy that if any food treats are sent in they will unfortunately be sent back home, thank you for understanding.***