• Kindergarten School Supply List

    2019-2020 School Year

    Disclaimer: This is the list that ALL Kindergarten teachers require.
    Additional items may be requested by individual teachers on Orientation Day.

    Items with * are to be labeled with your child’s name.

    All other items are shared and do not need to be labeled with your child’s name.

     1 backpack *
     1 lunch box *
     1 folder (two pocket, plastic) *
     1 change of clothing (shirt, pants, socks, underwear) in Ziploc type bag*
     1 pair headphones (NOT earbuds) for your child to use with our iPads*
     1 package black Expo fine dry erase markers (not ultra-fine please)
     1 box of tissues
     2 canisters of large Clorox/Lysol wipes
     1 pack Elmer’s glue sticks
     1 box Crayola crayons
     1 bottle liquid hand soap (not foaming kind please)
     1 pack of paper cups (5 oz)


    GIRLS only please also send:
     1 bottle of hand sanitizer
     1 box slide top Ziploc QUART size bags


    BOYS only please also send:
     1 roll of paper towels
     1 box slide top Ziploc GALLON size bags



    A 3x5 or 4x6 photo of your family in either a white or black picture frame.  The photo will be kept in our room all year, so that your child can always keep their loved ones close. 

    One (1) 1-inch WHITE three-ring binder (*make sure it has a plastic cover where paper inserts can slide in the outside portion 

    1 pack (24+) of SHARPENED #2 pencils 

    1 extra box of crayons - 24 count
    1 roll of Scotch Brand clear packaging tape
    1 pack of multi-color construction paper
    1 pack of regular napkins

    *Other items not necessary, but appreciated:

    - Bandaids

    - Supplies for centers (notepads, stamps, stickers, coloring books, pens, stencils, etc)

    - Games: Hi Ho Cheerio; Pop Up Pirate; Operation; Perfection; 24+ piece puzzles

    - Extra of anything listed above (as backup)


    THANK YOU!!!