• Lion’s Pride Award Recipient – Jeff Leister


    Jeff Leister



    Presented on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at the School Board of Directors Meeting.


    Jeff Leister receives this award for his service and dedication to our district.   Jeff is a 1985 graduate of the High School, but his interests have not strayed far.  To call him an “avid” fan of Lower Moreland sports may be putting it too mildly and, in fact, he is affectionately nicknamed  “Superfan” by our high school athletes and coaches.


    He is a consummate supporter of the High School’s athletic teams who attends about seven games per week on average.  He once even attended five games in one day!  This dedication extends to football, soccer, baseball, track and field, basketball and wrestling, but baseball is his favorite.  If he wasn’t attending our games, he would most likely be at home watching sports on television, but he appreciates the fact that our athletes are playing for the love of the game versus playing for money.  He also attends school plays and musicals where he sometimes sees students from the sports teams and appreciates their versatility.


    He remembers 37 years’ worth of games at Lower Moreland, and he even can remember a time when there was a football coach other than Mark Mayson and when Dan Park played sports here as a student.


    Jeff grew up near Welsh Road along with his four brothers and five sisters.  He now has 10 nieces and eight nephews, some of whom attend school in Upper Moreland, Abington and North Penn School Districts, which can make for some interesting rivalries when the teams meet.


    He was 8 years old when he attended his first Lower Moreland football game when his older sister, Stephanie, was in the Marching Band.  While he didn’t play sports for Lower Moreland, since he didn’t think he had the skills, he did participate in the High School Choir since his parents suggested he needed to have a mention in the yearbook.


    One of his greatest memories is when there was a home play-off game for the State championships in basketball and the announcers managed to not confuse us with Upper Moreland or Lower Merion.


    The influence that Lower Moreland had on him extends beyond his passion for sports.  His career as a design drafter for a company in Norristown extends from a mechanical drawing class that he took in High School.