"THE M&M GAME"

    MM game Be sure to ask your children about the little paper towel wrapped packets (with their names written on the tape) that periodically come home in their lunch boxes or backpacks. You will then know that they have been a lunch bunch or snack group guest in my office…and have playedThe M&M Game. This is a “get to know you game” of my own design, which I created decades ago to promote social skills in a fun and comfortable manner. Multiple sets of questions (to keep the game interesting) require students to share such information as:What are 2 things you do well? What superpower would you love to have? What do you think you’ll be doing in 20 years? What famous person would you love to invite to dinner? What is your favorite day of the week and why? How would you use $1000 to benefit our school? Who is your favorite book character? Describe a perfect Saturday. Tell us about a place in the world that you’d love to visit, and Give a compliment to the person sitting next to you.Needless to say, there are no wrong answers, and students are praised for being good listeners and respectful group members. I love watching kids share confidently with their peers, and I always learn so much about my students.M&Ms are not eaten in school for several reasons (our Wellness Policy discourages food rewards, students may have allergies, and some parents restrict sweets). Instead, they are sent home so that you may play the game at home….and as a “calling card”, alerting you that your child has visited with me. Feel free to create your own question cards…and have fun!
    MM game full picture
Last Modified on February 14, 2013