• 2015 Inductees
    Andrew Cohen, D.M.D., Class of 1990, Dentist and Instructor
    Kate Jacoby, Class of 1998, Chef and Author
    Adam Levin, Class of 2003, International development and security professional
    Terrill McLean, Class of 1955, Architect
    Dr. Aditi Nerurkar, Class of 1994, Doctor and Author
    Phyllis Satinsky Sudman, Class of 1989, Founder of Simon's Fund
    Dianna Sullivan, Retired Teacher at Lower Moreland Township School District
    Connie Thompson (post-humously), Lower Moreland High School Secretary

    2013 Inductees
    Nancy Deibert, Class of 1977, Philanthropist/Community Volunteer
    Jenny Yoo, Class of 1994, Creator of the Jenny Yoo Collection of Bridal Designs
    Tejas Nerurkar, Class of 1998, Founder and CEO, Optimum Output
    Katie Walder, Class of 1994, Actress, Writer, and Producer
    Dr. Jennifer Kogan, Class of 1987, Associate Professor of Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania 
    2010 Inductees
    Daniel Bash, Class of 1984, Military service and expert in occupational therapy field
    Doug Miller, Class of 1997, Entrepreneur and fitness expert
    Andy Hurwitz, Class of 1984, Record label founder and children's CD author
    Dr. Elizabeth Tarka, Class of 1984, Expert in Cardiovascular medicine
    2008 Inductees
    Alan Bell, Class of 1998 (posthumously), Community service and Presidential Scholar Winner
    David Deibert, Class of 1976, Service on the Board of School Directors and president of W.L. Deibert Co., Inc.
    Brad Herman, Class of 1997, Visual effects expert in movies and television
    Todd Lieberman, Class of 1993, Entrepreneur
    Valerie Plame Wilson, Class of 1981, Former CIA covert operations officer
    2007 Inductees
    Peter L. Boonshaft, Class of 1976, Professor of Music, Graduate Conducting Program at Hofstra University.
    Anthony Catelli, Class of 1976 and Mrs. James Catelli, Class of 1978,Brothers and business partners in Catelli Brothers.
    Lt. Col. Ilean Brook Keltz, Class of 1984, Assigned at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.
    Sharon Mitnik, Class of 1978 (posthumously): Held LMHSs record in shot put and still holds the record in discus throw.
    Renee Sarajian, Class of 1965, Regional Judicial Officer/Presiding Officer with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
    Kenneth J. Schauder, Class of 1978, Emergency Medical Services Chief, Bryn Athyn Fire Company.

    2006 Inductees
    Dr. David Archibald, Retired Superintendent of Lower Moreland Township School District
    Rachel Elfont Cole,  Class of 1988: Professional singer, soloist
    Erin Carey Corcoran, Class of 1992: Outstanding Athlete
    Susan Rumpf Miesnik, Class of 1970: Perinatal Advance Practice Nurse, Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment, Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia
    Dr. Richard Reifsnyder, Class of 1964: Pastor
    Rod Rosenstein, Class of 1982: U.S. Attorney for Maryland; serving as the Core City U.S. Attorney for the Mid-Atlantic Region for the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force.
    2005 Inductees
    Dr. Kim Van Naarden Braun, Class of 1991, epidemiologist
    Rob Ginieczki, Class of 1989, teacher/author
    Cheryl Stein Herman, Class of 1978, fundraising
    Robert Schadegg, Class of 1972, zoning officer and building official
    Claire Service, school district service, public relations
    Diane L. Slifer, Class of 1985, attorney
    The Honorable Stephen H. Silverman (posthumously), community service, district justice
    2004 Inductees
    Thomas Astley Cooper, Class of 1953, banking executive
    Gregory Jakubowski, Class of 1980, safety program specialist / Bryn Athyn Fire Chief
    Dr. Kevin Leong, Class of 1987, associate director of Harvard/Radcliffe Choruses
    Dr. Nancy Pruitt, Class of 1971, biology professor
    Dr. Brent Thompson, Class of 1975, professor of nursing science
    Kay WalkingStick, Class of 1952, artist
    Heather Weindorfer, Class of 1993, LM Girls Varsity Basketball Coach.
    2003 Inductees
    Hugh Benjamin, Class of 1988, actor/entertainer
    Frank G. Gradel, Sr., Community Service and Scout Master of Troop 208
    William R. Jones, Class of 1953, founder of Vacuum Furnance Systems Corporation and Solar Atmospheres, Inc.
    Dr. Eugene Kestenbaum, Lower Moreland School Board, National Chairman of the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of American
    John Ostapkovich, Class of 1970, Reporter KYW News Radio
    Erica Walsh, Class of 1993, Head Women's Soccer Coach at Dartmouth College.
    2002 Inductees
    Harriet Anderson, Founder of HV Womens Club, HV Library, School Board member, PTA President, etc.
    Valerie Thompson Broadie, Class of 1970, Asst. VP for Development and VP College Park Foundation, University of Maryland
    Carl Fink, Class of 1958, President/Owner of import/export firm
    Eleanor Getsinger Schneider, Class of 1964, LMT Commissioner, Adm. Asst. to VP of Montco Board of Commissioners
    Dr. Corinne Santerian, Class of 1978 (deceased), established Buckingham Pediatrics;
    Paul Stahl, Community Activist, Businessman, Historian
    2001 Inductees
    Dr. Robert Beyer, Class of 1972, Director of Emergency Medical Facilities for three hospitals
    Victor Brooks, Ed.D., Class of 1964, Villanova University history professor
    Brad Cole, Class of 1971, Hollywood keyboard artist and owner of recording studio
    Rev. Wayne Greenawalt, Jr., Class of 1959, head of multi-faceted ministry to the needy
    Robert Reifsnyder, Class of 1971, Director United Way
    Sherri Waas Shunfenthal, Class of 1974, published poet and workshop leader
    2000 Inductees
    Stephen Fireoved, Class of 1972, former U.S. Navy Commander.
    Virginia Yates Hendrixson, Class of 1961, joint owner of Hendixsons Furniture
    Barbara Cochrane McClennan, Class of 1970, Journalist
    Robert McCook, Class of 1958, President of Priority One ministry
    Walter Reimann, Class of 1948, President of the Fredericks Company
    Robert Wall, Class of 1967, Chairman Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Rose Medical Center
    1999 Inductees
    Peter Jacobi, Ed.D., Class of 1963, Dartmouth Professor
    Laura Michener Pladus, Ed.D., Class of 1970, school principal
    Samuel A. Clay, former LMHS principal
    Samuel Yardumian, Class of 1958, Chief Engineer Bryn Athyn Ambulance/Fire Company
    Susan Spungen, Class of 1977, Food Editor, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
    David Saint, Class of 1935, Engineer/designer Gracos Swingomatic Baby Swing
    1998 Inductees
    Mary Kuhn, former long-time Lower Moreland elementary teacher
    George Sinkler, Class of 1931, community activist
    Dr. Stephen Goll, Class of 1973, orthopedic surgeon
    Mark Bellomo, Class of 1976, Huntingdon Valley Youth Center developer and plumbing contractor
    Robert Katherine, Class of 1959, retired CEO McCloskey Corporation
    Dr. John Reinhardt, Class of 1972, Chief of Infectious Diseases, Christiana Hospital, Delaware
    Dr. Sandra Treen Bloom, Class of 1966, post traumatic stress syndrome specialist.
    1997 Inductees
    Thomas Valentine, Class of 1967, Deputy Director Texas Dept. of Protective and Regulatory Services
    Alfred L. Taxis, Class of 1932, deceased, former Montgomery County Judge and community activist
    Dr. Bruce Morrison, Class of 1969, local physician and team doctor for LMHS and Bryn Athyn
    Caroline Dannenberger Ginn, Class of 1948, County Commissioner, Indian River County, Former Mayor of Vero Beach
    Wm. E. Brown, III Ph.D., Class of 1972, Divisional Vice President Abbotts Laboratories
    Rev. Franklin D. Barrett, pastor and social worker with prison ministry
    Harry Elfont, Class of 1986, Hollywood screenwriter.
    1996 Inductees
    John A, Bower, Jr., Class of 1948, architect
    Mark E. Dillon, Class of 1980, Biomedical Science. Developer of synthetic skin for burn victims
    Bonnie Brown Lovett, Class of 1971, humanitarian, parented 18 foster children
    Lorraine C. Pruitt, Ed.D., community service and long-time LM School Board member
    Scott Winston, Ph.D., Class of 1971, Biotechnology
    George S. Robinson, (posthumous), former LMHS teacher and principal
    Sylvia and Norman (posthumous) Fesmire, Classes of 1933 and 1934, local historians.
    1995 Inductees
    Alice E. Ridgway, former Principal Pine Road School
    Thomas Spangler, Class of 1956, LM Fire Department over 40 years, 19 as Chief
    Dr. H. George Hausch, Class of 1959, Chief Scientific Review Board, NIDR, National Institute of Health
    Joseph Batteer, Class of 1976, Hollywood screenwriter and director
    Linda Catelli Rosanio, Class of 1973, self-established businesswoman
    Lt. Cmdr. Carol Martin Bazell, Class of 1979, Deputy Director, Bureau of Health Professions, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services
    Anne Tinari, Class of 1930, established Tinari Greenhouses with husband, Frank.

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