•  Mary Kochaba



    Lion’s Pride Award Winner

    for June 2012


    Mary Kochaba


    It is with great joy that our School Board of Directors awards Mary Kochaba the Lion’s Pride award for June 2012. 


    Mary is the Community Counselor for the High School, who comes to us through The Lincoln Center, a non-profit human services organization.  In this role, she meets individually and in groups with students and she also serves as the Student Assistant Program Coordinator and is a member of the Safe Schools Committee.


    Mary just finished her 8th year working with the district.  The high school administration says she is an unsung hero.  She inspires trust in the kids and they gravitate towards her.  When you have 700 teenagers in a school, there will be a multitude of issues going on with them, whether trouble at home or needing help with coping and stress management.  These kids will seek her out and she helps them because she truly cares. 


    After receiving her undergraduate degree from King’s College, she began working in a treatment center for youth dealing with substance abuse and troubled behavior.  She then went on to work in a private mental health and drug and alcohol treatment center.  She returned to school at  Villanova University where she received her Master’s of Science degree in Counseling.  She is also PA certified in Secondary School Counseling. She was drawn to her current position because she feels her strength lies in direct service to kids.


    Mary has been the recipient of what The Lincoln Center calls a “Life Changing Education Award” as both an individual recipient and as part of the Community Education and Prevention Team.  The award presents an opportunity to honor deserving individuals for excellence in performance and for advancing the mission of The Lincoln Center through a specific project or operating principle.  She is also a Cultural Mentor through the Center, and has been so for many years, which is a recognition of the very high value of which she is held there.


    Mary Kochaba’s quiet demeanor makes everyone feel at ease.  She is approachable, empathetic and solution focused.  Her coaching and guidance have empowered students to make good choices and stay safe.  She is an invaluable member of the High School team and truly makes a difference in the lives of others every day.