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    7th and 8th Grade Band



     2018-19 7th & 8th Gr Band Course Expectations


     Google Classroom Assignments : To Be Announced

    Doubler and Tripler Schedules


    Rehearsal Schedule


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    Materials needed for all BAND classes:
    Instrument, Folder, Band Music, Pencil, and the accessories listed below.
    Clarinet - Three or more Size 3 Reeds (Vandoren preferred)
    Saxophone - Three or more Size 3 Reeds (Vandoren preferred)
    French Horn, Trumpet, Baritone, Tuba - valve oil, tuning slide grease
    Trombone - slide cream/water spray bottle
    Percussion - Sticks (wooden tip - Vic Firth 5A or 5B)
    7th and 8th Grade Band
    Name of Activity:
     7th and 8th Grade Band
     Ms. Michelle Lillie-Beck
    Ms. Lillie's Phone Number:
     215-938-0230 ext. 3215
    Ms. Lillie-Beck's Email Address:
    Description of Club/Activity:
    Meeting Dates/Times:
    Ensemble Rehearsal:6:45-8 PM, calendar.
    Band Class: 46 min class every other day.
    Membership Criteria:  
    Link to Schedules:
     MAS Band Rehearsal/Concert Schedule
    Club/Activity Past Awards/Honors:
     Awarded  "Superior" rating at 2019 Music in the Parks Festival in Allentown, PA
    Additional Information:
    Homework Assignment Due:
    Concert Dress: Black shoes, black socks (or stockings), black dress pants, white dress shirt/blouse, ties are optional.
    Leggings, jeans, sneakers, and/or skirts are not permitted.