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    6th Grade Band


    *Incoming 6th Grade Band Members, please join our Google Classroom with the code: oogcelm.

    Over the summer, please cast your vote for the song you'll perform on the winter concert!


    2018-19 6th Grade Band Course Guidelines 


     Concert Repertoire
    To be announced
    Google Classroom Assignments:
    To be announced

    Materials needed for all BAND classes:
    Instrument, Folder, Essential Elements for Band Book, Band Music, Pencil, and the accessories listed below.
    Clarinet - Three or more Size 3 Reeds (Vandoren preferred)
    Saxophone - Three or more Size 3 Reeds (Vandoren preferred)
    French Horn, Trumpet, Baritone, Tuba - valve oil, tuning slide grease
    Trombone - slide cream/water spray bottle
    Percussion - Sticks (wooden tip - Vic Firth 5A or 5B)
    6th Grade Band
    Name of Activity:
     6th Grade Band
     Ms. Michelle Lillie-Beck
    Ms. Lillie's Phone Number:
     215-938-0230 ext. 3215
    Ms. Lillie-Beck's Email Address:
    Description of Club/Activity:

    Studentsin 6th Grade Band will continue mastering tone production, posture, blend,balance, articulation and rhythm. New concepts will include mixed meters,triplets and 16th notes, expanding playing registers.  Emphasis will be placed on learning to play with emotion. The class will prepare students for participation in 7th GradeBand.


    Meeting Dates/Times:
    Ensemble Rehearsal: 2:50- 4:05 EVERY MONDAY, starting 10/21/19
    Band Class: One 46 min class every 6 day rotation.
    Link to Schedules:
    Club/Activity Past Awards/Honors:


    Required Concert Dress: Black shoes, black socks (or stockings),
    black dress pants, white dress shirt/blouse
    Please, no leggings, jeans, sneakers, or skirts!