• We work on a points system.  Below are the areas in which your child will receive points for.
    Daily homework is not graded; it is scored based on completion.  Completed homework assignments are worth 2-5 points.  Students receive points for completed homework and a 0 points if completed homework does not accompany them to class.  There is no partial credit; it is all or nothing.  Incomplete assignments receive a zero. In case of a question or problem that is difficult to complete, the student should make an educated guess, then ask about it class the next day. This is perfectly acceptable. On the parent portal, you will see their homework for each day to make sure they are keeping up. If there is a blank, that means they were absent.  A blank does not mean a zero. If your child is struggling with a homework assignment (it happens, but not often), please email the teacher with a heads up that night so that we can clear up the misunderstanding -- and so they don't receive a zero for not completing their homework.
    Your child will be required to take a variety of assessments during a unit of study. There will be quizzes, tests, and projects. These will all be announced via HW. Check the Agenda book. If you suspect your student is not being faithful about writing things down, check our websites.   Study guides are often given or completed for major assessments.  Due to Home Access,  tests or quizzes are not required to be signed and returned to school.  You may keep track of your student's grade by the use of the parent portal.  It is suggested that the students hold on to assessments to help review for unit tests, mid-terms, and finals. Not every subject area has mid-terms and finals in 6th Grade.
Last Modified on August 25, 2015