• Tips for Practicing

    1.  Students should practice 20-30 minutes every day.

    2.  Logistics:

    -  Sit on a chair, not the sofa, bed, or couch.

    -  Use a music stand and not your instrument case.

    -  Try to be consistent when you practice (after homework, before dinner, etc.)

    -  Find a place that no one will bother you (or vice versa).

    Don’t practice when your family is trying to watch their favorite television show.

     3.  Always warm up. Spend 5-10 minutes on tone development, long tones, articulation, scales, etc. Spend time on the more difficult passages of your band music. End your practice with something fun!

     4.  How to practice:

    - small sections (not the entire song)

    - lots of repetition

    - practice should not sound pretty...you should be working on the passages that are difficult.

     5.  Helpful Hints: Remember to slow down and take your time. Practice transitions before and after the difficult passages in your music. Once you can play the passage slowly, you should add slowly increase yout tempo until you have mastered the difficult passage.

     6.  Use a pencil. Make sure to write on your music (notes, fingerings, etc.)

     7.  Have fun! Don’t get stressed out about playing wrong notes, rhythms, etc. Enjoy the process of playing music and the success that comes from learning how to play a musical instrument.