• Algebra Online Textbook

    To access our online textbook, click on the link below and follow the subsequent directions:
    1.  Under "Selecting Your Subject", choose "High School"
    2.  Under "Selecting Your Location", choose "Pennsylvania"
    3.  Click on "Find Your Book"
    4.  Click on Algebra 1 2007 (the second one).
    5.  Click on the link to "Online Textbook"
    6.  Type in the username:  8math
    7.  Type in the password:  algebra
    8.  Find your homework!
    To access our textbook online, follow the directions below:
    1.  Go to http://classzone.com.
    2.  Under 'Selecting Your Subject' choose 'Middle School'
    3.  Under 'Selecting Your Location' choose 'Pennsylvania' (DUH!)
    4.  Click on 'Find Your Book'
    5.  Click on Pre Algebra.
    Algebra textbook:
Last Modified on June 17, 2015