Student Wireless Setup for BYOD


    Proper student authentication is needed to use the Lower Moreland Township School District wireless network.  The district will provide filtered Internet access for student use in accordance with the Children's Internet Protection Act, Electronics Device Policy 237, and the Acceptable Use Policy 815. 

    Electronic devices capable of accessing the Internet must be registered with the district prior to connection to the district wireless Internet. To register your device, Click Here.  You will need to have the MAC address of your device in order to register your device.  Help documents in finding your MAC address can be obtained below.


    Registration and approval of your device may take up to 72 hours to complete.  Please test your device after that time for connection and connectivity. 
    Below are instructions to connect to the "Lower Moreland Township School District BYOD" wireless network.  Select the appropriate link corresponding to your wireless device.  For best results, follow the instructions explicitly.
    Once students connect to the LMSD-BYOD network, they need to open a web browser and enter their username and password.   If students are receiving a White screen that says they do not have access, then there is something wrong with the mac address submitted, either they supplied the wrong address or it was typed wrong into the system. The best thing would be for students to resubmit the mac address.

    If students are receiving an error logging into the Aruba page when they open a browser, then that is a username/password issue.

    Students should insure that your wireless device is properly configured with updated security and virus software.  Using the wireless network is at your own risk and adherence to the district Acceptable Use Policy and Electronics Device Policy is expected.  The district is not capable of filtering the content for students using non-district supplied devices that are capable of accessing the internet via non-district  network access, such as cellular phone networks.  Parents/guardians assume all responsibility for unfiltered student access to the internet via non-district internet connections such as cellular phone networks.