• Lion's Pride Award
    celebrating individuals who make an
     extraordinary contribution to the
    Lower Moreland Township School District
    Mr. Mark Goldstein

    Lion’s Pride Award Recipient – Mr. Mark Goldstein
    Presented on Tuesday, January 17th at the School Board of Directors Public Meeting

     As many of you already know Lower Moreland Township is a very special and unique place.   Our community demonstrates a special loyalty, support and pride for our township and especially for our school district.  After spending even a short amount of time with Mr. Mark Goldstein, it becomes apparent that he is the very embodiment of that special pride for our town and schools. 


    When Mark and his young family moved to Lower Moreland back in the early 1990s, he knew that he was coming to a very special place.  Over the years, Mark and his family gained many dear friends and at the center of all it was our school district.  When his son, Jesse, began participating in sports, Mark began coaching. He describes serving as an assistant coach and learning from our dedicated teachers and coaches.   Through his son’s athletics participation, and his own coaching, Mark began to form lasting connections to LM’s athletic programs.  


    Mark, by profession, is a skilled electrician and the owner of a success contracting company.  In addition, Mark has another special talent.   Mark is a gifted photographer.    He describes photography as a lifelong hobby and he explains that he began taking pictures of our student athletes at practices, games and important competitions as a hobby. He took great joy in sharing those photos with the children, their families and friends.   Patiently laboring over small details in pictures and striving to produce photos that show our students in the most positive light, there began to be a high demand for Mark’s photos.   Soon, Mark’s photos were used for the yearbook, publications, and students would readily gather and pose at the very sight of Mark and his camera.  The Lower Moreland Patch quickly recognized his talent and Mark began to cover our wrestling team bringing his photo journals of events and competition our whole community through the Patch.  



    If you ask Mark why he has volunteered countless taking photos of athletes, he will share that he attributes the success of his two children, a son who is currently a 4.0 student at Penn State Abington and his daughter, who nearing the completion of her studies in Speech Pathology and Visual Impairment, to their educational experience in our schools.  He speaks of Lower Moreland as a place where he has gained many dear friends and where he has had countless positive experiences with dedicated teachers, staff and endearing students.   I believe as I am certain you do now as well after learning more about him that Mark, himself, has brought so many positive and meaningful experiences to so many over the years through his service!