• Lion's Pride Award
    celebrating individuals who make an
     extraordinary contribution to the
    Lower Moreland Township School District
    Mr. Wes Foster, Transportation Director, First Student  

    Lion’s Pride Award Recipient – Mr. Wes Foster
    Presented on Tuesday, November 15th at the School Board of Directors Public Meeting
    It is with great joy that our School Board of Directors awards Mr. Wes Foster the Lion’s Pride award for November 2011.   As a young man, Mr. Foster began his career as a manager in a busy and successful auto detailing shop.  After years of working nights and weekends, Mr. Foster began to consider a different path that would allow him to spend more time with his young family.  This is where the start of Mr. Foster’s journey into the world of school transportation began.  Mr. Foster saw an ad in the newspaper for bus drivers and was intrigued.  After applying and successfully interviewing, Wes became a school bus driver in Cheltenham.  He found that he immediately enjoyed the position. He greatly enjoyed the children and would often sing to them on his route.   As we came to learn years later, Wes is a super star who displays an uncommon dedication, work ethic and an ethical fiber that becomes almost immediately evident when working with him. It was for this reason, that Wes was quickly promoted and asked to provide training and development to all bus drivers.    Shortly thereafter, Wes applied for and was hired as a Safety and Development Officer for 16 school districts in the area of transportation. Wes’s assignment was to work with districts to help transportation departments and drivers to develop sound practice and procedures.   It was in this capacity that we first met Mr. Wes Foster.  


    In this capacity, Wes provided direction and guidance to our district that was extraordinary. With his attention to detail, willingness to always go the extra mile and his extraordinary interpersonal skills, Wes quickly helped our district develop and revamp many transportation procedures and practices. Along with Wes were able to insure that our practices both focused upon safety and service to our students and families. With the help of Wes, we saw great improvements and refinements in transportation.   We were so pleased when Wes later applied and subsequently became the Director of Transportation for our District.   In this capacity, Wes demonstrated leadership, skill, sound knowledge, experience and a work ethic that is truly admirable. Wes has been known to drive a school bus when needed; he is a courageous leader who addresses concerns effectively and clearly.  He is a team player who cares about his work, about the district and most importantly about the children that he serves.


    On a personal note, Wes is a proud husband, father of two girls and grandfather of two.