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    New--British Literature- Quarter 2 (2012-2013) 
    Testing days for this quarter are Wednesday and Friday.   updated: 1/2
    November 12November 13November 14November 15November 16

    cinematic interlude!
    work on memorizing Sonnet

    memorize one of the sonnets that are in your text OR sonnet 18


    Sonnets due 

     Sonnet 18

    Sonnet quiz (take notes on all Shakespearean sonnets in book and Sonnet 18 for quiz today!)
    Sonnet activities!
     Sonnet review
    Early Dismissal
    November 19November 20November 21November 22November 23
    Sonnet quest today! 
     You will have to memorize one Shakespearean sonnet for this quest!

    Act 1 Macbeth (in text book)

    read and take notes be prepared for quiz

    Professional Development Thanksgiving Free Day
    November 26November 27November 28November 29November 30
    complete discussion Act I
     Act 2 Macbeth
    read and take notes

    Act 3 Macbeth
    read and take notes

    December 3December 04December 05 December 06December 7


    Act 4-read and take notes
    Vocabulary 7 read and write sentences
    December 10December 11December 12December 13December 14

    Act 5 Macbeth

    Idea paper due (all must do this one)


    Macbeth movie(?)


    December 17December 18December 19December 20December 21

    Macbeth Test


    read and notes
    Donne-- "Holy Sonnet #10,
    "When I conside
    Annotation on poems
    read and notes
    Marvell--"To His Coy Mistress" Herrick--
    "To The Virgins"
    (We will work on these in class) 
    December 31January 01January 02January 3January 04


     Continue working on Poetry project

     Poetry projects are due today!

    Poetry Project (if you were


    Vocabulary # 8

     read and notes

    Jonathan Swift
    "A Modest Proposal" (I)
    bring copy of Modest proposal to class! 
    January 7January 8January 9January 10January 11
    read and notes--William Blake (I)
    "The Lamb"
    "The Tiger"
    "A Poison Tree"

    Review 17th 18th century test

     Test--17th and 18th century
     read and notes  Wordsworth--"Solitary Reaper"  "My Heart Leaps Up"
    Romantic background

    Read and notes

    "Tintern Abbey"

    January 14January 15January 16January 17January 18

    Read and notes

    The rest of the Wordsworth poems in your textbooks (4)

     Final revised idea paper. Don't forget Works Cited page!
    E-mail copy.
     read and notes--Coleridge "Kubla Khan"

    January 21January 22January 23January 24January 25
    MLK JR


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