• Lion's Pride Award
    celebrating individuals who make an
     extraordinary contribution to the
    Lower Moreland Township School District
    Mr. Benjamin Gastfriend


    Lion’s Pride Award Recipient – Benjamin Gastfriend, High School Student and Part Time Information Technology Student Worker.  

    Presented on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at the School Board of Directors Meeting.

    Benjamin Gastfriend receives this award for his service and dedication to our district. Ben is a very special individual.  As many of you are aware, he is an extraordinary student at our high school with a solid record of academic achievement. In addition to his dedication to his studies, Ben also is an active participate in a variety of extracurricular activities. It’s truly remarkable that in addition to his busy schedule, he has for the last two years, also served in the summer and after school as a student worker in our Information Technology department. He is and has been a tremendous asset to this busy and critical department in our district. 

    Ben’s interest in computers and computer repair service began at a very young age.  Ben shared with Technology Director, Sue Casagrand, that he “could not wait for the family computer to become outdated or break” so that he could have an opportunity to take it apart and reconstruct it.  Ben explains that he patiently worked through that process until after several attempts; the reassembled computer booted up and began working again. 

    Ben enjoys the challenges that he finds working in technology.  He explains that he is intrigued because “it is challenging to comprehend that there exists a whole world, smarter, in some aspects than humans, that someone has created and I must understand and apply it”

    Ben has a great number of other interests and talents as well. He plays piano, golf and badminton. He is active in the Theater Club and Jazz Ensemble at our High School. He recently won first place in the PA State Science Fair and volunteers at the Rydal Park Nursing Home. Ben plans to study science in college, where we are sure he will to find many more challenges to enjoy, understand and apply. 


    Thank you to Ben for giving so much to the IT department and for his dedicated service.