During this time of "social distancing," registrations will be accepted online
    without the required in-person meeting at the district.
    Please email: registration@lmtsd.org and attach scans of all forms and documents.
    Please ensure all copies submitted are clear and legible.
    See documentation requirements below.
    The first day of our 2020-21 school year is Monday, August 31st.
    Registration submissions must include all required documentation
    and must be received by Monday 8/24/20 at the latest.
    After that date, enrollments will be processed in the order received,
    but start date and course choices cannot be guaranteed.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    ** You MAY register now with your Agreement of Sale!  Please see paragraph 4 below. **
    Section I:
    Section II:
    Section III:
    • Enrollment in Lower Moreland schools is restricted to Lower Moreland township residents.
      • Registrations are governed by School Board Policies No. 200 and No. 201 (top right: click on Policies, then go to Section 200 Pupils)
      • Admission of Nonresident students shall be in accordance with LMTSD Policy No. 202.  
    • Only parents or guardians may register students.
      • Legal guardians must present court-ordered custody or guardianship papers.
      • Notarized statements are not accepted.
    • Age Eligibility
      • for 2020-21:
        • Kindergarten registrants must have a birth date before 9/1/2015
        • First Grade registrants must have a birth date before 8/31/2014
    1.  PROOF OF STUDENT BIRTH DATE - Documentation of age requirement for admission may be satisfied by the original birth certificate or valid passport. 
    2.  PARENT/GUARDIAN PHOTO ID is required when registering a student (current driver's license, government issued photo or valid passport), and a copy of spouse's driver's license if he/she will not attend the registration meeting.  
    • IMPORTANT NOTE:  If separated or divorced, you must bring paperwork showing who has physical custody of the child(ren).  If court documentation is not available, please bring a parental agreement stating where your child will be living the majority of the time. This statement must be signed by both biological or adoptive parents and notarized. 
    3.  Student Registration Packet: This link is to ALL of the student registration forms, health forms, and the Multiple Occupancy form listed below. 
    PLEASE NOTE: When using this link, you will also need to print and substitute our updated 2020-21 Statement of District Residency and our 2020-21 Out-of-District Tuition Payment Policy (if applicable to you).  At this time we are not in school offices and are unable to make these two updated forms part of the Student Registration Packet link. Thank you for your understanding.
                 Individual forms are available in links below:
              REQUIRED HEALTH FORMS – PA law requires that proof of immunization must be provided before a child can be admitted to any public, private or parochial school. Please review the immunization requirements found on the HEALTH WEBSITE.

    4. THREE PROOFS OF RESIDENCY – Under Sections 1301 and 1302 of the PA School Code, Lower Moreland Township School District requires that proof of residency is verified before a student can be registered in our schools.  Owning property and payment of property taxes in Lower Moreland Township School District does not automatically fulfill the residency clause as stated in the Pennsylvania School CodeThe following shall be used to verify residency:

    • one of the following documents:
      • Property deed 
      • Most recent Lower Moreland township tax bill 
      • Agreement of Sale:
        • must show a settlement (closing) date
        • must be accompanied by a signed Out-of-District Tuition Payment Policy form
          • NOTE: if you do not occupy the home by the child(ren)'s first day of school, the family must pay tuition as per School Board Policy #202 
        • requires deed (or signed settlement papers) plus two additional proofs of residency be provided to the Registrar within one week of the closing date
      • Notarized lease (rental agreement) 
        • must show start and end dates, list your child(ren) as occupant(s), and include the page with tenant and landlord signatures (notarization on the signature page).
        • cannot have a start date that is after child(ren)'s first day of attendance.  A child may not start school with a rental agreement until the date of residence. 
    • plus two of the following proofs of residency (showing your name and the Lower Moreland township address) - must be current
      • utility bill (water, cable, electric)
      • credit card account billing statement
      • bank statement
      • mortgage statement
      • homeowner or renter's insurance statement
      • vehicle insurance statement
      • vehicle registration
      • voter's registration card
      • letter from employer (if not self-employed)
      • paycheck stub
              MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY FORM - (only if applicableIt is necessary to bring the notarized multiple occupancy form to registration if parent or guardian does not own or lease property in Lower Moreland Township School District but resides with a Lower Moreland Township School District resident on a full-time basis. Both the property owner and the multiple occupant (parent/guardian) must each provide ID and proofs of residency as indicated. Form must be notarized.
    • Academic records such as last two year's final report cards, any standardized testing reports, and transcript.
    • If applicable, IEP/GIEP and Evaluation Report, 504 plan, or other Special Education accommodations/modifications.
    • The following form must be completed by a parent/guardian by the date of registration: LMTSD Parent/Guardian Chromebook Agreement.
    • A check for the Chromebook technology fee in the amount of $25.00 will be collected. Check should be made payable to the Lower Moreland Township S.D.


     Welcome to Lower Moreland!  
    Thank you for choosing the Lower Moreland Township School District
    as your child's educational home.
    We are honored that you are entrusting us with your child
    and will work hard every day to maintain that trust. 
                      We truly believe our parents are partners with us in educating the whole child                           and look forward to working with you.

    When there is a change to your residence address within the district, parents/guardians must advise Central Registration within two weeks.  Please email registration@lmtsd.org or call 215-938-0230, ext. 3217 to present the following items:
    • parent/guardian photo ID
      • NOTE:  If both parents do not reside in the same home, a court custody agreement (or) a notarized parental custody agreement is required
    • deed, recent LM tax bill or notarized lease
    • two other recently dated proofs of residency (bills or statements from businesses/organizations showing parent/guardian's name and address)
    • Multiple Occupancy form (required only if parent/guardian is not the homeowner or tenant)

    School Board policy states: If a student is absent for ten (10) days in a row without an absence note from a medical provider, the district must drop the student from the active school rolls.
    In order for a student to be re-enrolled after being withdrawn for an extended absence, one utility bill or other proof of residency is required. This proof:
    • must be delivered or emailed to the District Registrar on or before the day of student's return 
    • must be dated within the last 30 days of the student's return

    Questions?  Please email registration@lmtsd.org or call 215-938-0230, ext. 3217.

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