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    1. Library Catalog

        by Gale 

    3. Bloom's Literature

    4. Gale Student Resources in Context
    (poetry & literature)

    6. Explicator

    7. Literature Criticism Online (LCO) with Poetry Criticism
    by Gale

    (poetry, novels, plays)
    9. GVRL
    (critical eBooks)
    Twayne's and Novels for Students

    10. Periodical Databases
    ProQuest and
    New York Times


    13. Search Montgomery County 

    14.  Biography

    16. How to Cite

     ARTEMIS LITERARY SOURCES: College Level. All literary sources in ONE PLACE. 

    1. Library Catalog Online Search

    To locate critical  information about ­­your author and his works, search by both Keyword (title of work or author's last name) or Subject (last name first).

                      Select the link "ADD TO THIS LIST" to save the books you want.

     RECOMMENDED REFERENCE BOOKS (located in the Literary Studies section of the Library): 
                      Open "IN THIS LIST" and print your search results.

                     ***Thematic Guide to British Poetry  REF 809 THE
                      * British Poetry from Facts on File - REF 821 FAC (several volumes)
                      *British Short Story from Facts on File  REF 823 FAC 
                      **British Novel  from Facts on File - REF 823 FAC  (2 vols.)
                  **World Literature Criticism  REF 809 WOR  (8 vols.)
                       **Encyclopedia of British Writers from Facts on FileREF 820.9 ENC  (4 vols.)

                     ***Literary Movements for Students - REF 809.91 LIT (v. 1, 2)

    World Literature and Its Times - REF 820 WOR (v. 3, 4)

                      Literature and Its Times 
    - REF 809.93 GAL (7 vols.)

    *World Poets - REF 809.1 WOR (3 vol. set, alphabetical by the name of poet)
                                     Vol. 3 includes essays on Romanticism Literary Movements
                      Great World Writers Twentieth Century  REF 809.04 GRE (13 vols.)
                     For Sophomores and Juniors
                     Thematic Guide to Popular Short Stories - REF 809 THE
                  **Thematic Guide to the American  Novel - REF 809 THE

                 **Thematic Guide to Modern Drama - REF 809 THE

               ***Drama Criticism - REF 809.2 DRA (many vols.)
                  *American Drama ed. 2004 REF 812 FAC (1st)
                  *American Drama ed2010 REF 812 FAC   (2nd)

    . Literature Resource Center 
    [Subscription Databases/Literature & Authors]  *Peer-reviewed journals

    Scholarly analytical, critical essays including articles from peer-reviewed journals (i.e. The Explicator).  This is college level.

    Search by KEYWORD (this is the default) or Search by PERSON (Author) and NAME OF WORK (Title).

    Tabs : Literature Criticism and Topic & Work Overviews 


    Use NARROW RESULTS (see left frame) for more focused, in-depth articles.

                      NAVIGATE through your articles: Ctrl + F for a word search
                     DICTIONARIES: Encyclopedia of Literature (very top under Literature Resources from Gale)
                    E-MAIL articles with MLA 8 citations.  How to Cite: TOOLS-MLA 8
              HOW TO CITE:

                      Use "CITATION TOOLS" MLA 8  at the top or use MLA 8 Source Citation at the end of each article. 
                      Save the URL from this citation (Document URL) because it is the permanent link to your article (not the URL in the top toolbar).
    3. Bloom's Literature by Facts on File [Subscription Databases/Literature & Authors] *Peer-reviewed journals
        This database is a resource for selected articles from critical books edited by Professor Harold Bloom, who also writes the introduction of his books. This database includes many other sources.
            OPEN the tab for MORE under the Bloom's Literature (brown bar) > Choose MOVEMENTS for your Literary Movement.

             Do an ADVANCED SEARCH for best results.

              HOW TO CITE
     in MLA 8:  

                      In ARTICLE TOOLS, select

    The URL in the citation is a permanent link (called Record URL) which will always open at home if you submit the User Name/Password. 

                HOW TO PRINT

                      In ARTICLE TOOLS, select
    PRINT for a printer friendly format.  To print, use CTRL and P.

    4. Gale Student Resources in Context [Subscription Databases/Literature & Authors] *Peer-reviewed journals
                Search by AUTHOR or TITLE of work.

             Select REFERENCE for articles of BIOGRAPHIES or TOPIC OVERVIEWS

     In REFERENCE, you will see many articles from EXPLORING NOVELS (very helpful source).
                CREATIVE WORKS: EXPLORING POETRY provides the text of poems, and explains the poem line-by-line (select stanza #). 
             * CRITICAL ESSAYS and ACADEMIC JOURNALS: *Peer-reviewed journals

             HOW TO CITE: 

    Source Citation (MLA format) is provided for
    each article at the end or at the top in Tools/CITATION TOOLS.  

                             Save the URL from the citation (called Document URL) because it is the permanent link to your article. Open it anywhere.

    5. Literary Reference Center by EBSCOhost  [Subscription Databases/Literature & Authors] *Peer-reviewed journals at the end of the page. 


    (below Search box): Limit your results to FULL TEXT (check the box) and/or Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.


    This is an automatic citation tool. In "Tools" section, select Print, E-mail, or Save for your citation because the article's URL is included.  Note: "CITE" does not include the URL. 

    Change the default in "Citation Format" to MLA.

    Copy the citation at the top of the article. NOTE: Persistent link (Permalink) is always going to open to the specific article (not the URL in your Internet toolbar).

             FAVORITE SOURCES are Masterplots  and Masterplots ii  
    More than summaries: read analysis, themes, poetic techniques, and criticism). Magill, and Critical Insights are very good sources.

    6.  Explicator through Literature Resource Center [Subscription Databases/Literature & Authors]
             The Explicator is a peer-reviewed journal with full-text articles, which provide explanations and literary criticism for all literary works: poems, novels, plays, and short stories.

              Results for Advanced Search Publication Title (Explicator): Use it!

    Fill in one or two boxes: One for Author’s Name in the “Person-By or About” and the other might be the title of a poem, a novel, or a play.

    Advanced Search

        Select index(es) and enter term(s) to search (* indicates a browseable index).




    Add a Row

    7.  Literature Criticism Online (LCO) has Poetry Criticism, which consists of 88 volumes in eBooks[Subscription Databases/Literature & Authors]  
     Search by Author's Name. First you will see "Literature Criticism" on your poet and his works then scroll down to BIOGRAPHIES:

                    Open the biography article for your person. It has many CRITICAL articles on specific poems.
    TIP! Biographies are where you can find POETRY CRITICISM for individual poems 
    EXAMPLE: "Keats, John An Introduction to Poetry Criticism Vol
                                  See "Active Article" at top right 
                            READ the Introduction for your chapter.  It is excellent. 

                            UNDER ACTIVE ARTICLE ON RIGHT SIDE 

                            OPEN +TITLES DISCUSSED for criticisms of poems and links to page numbers for criticism. 
             Introduction: roll mouse over the icons: Citation Tools (MLA 8)

            HOW TO PRINT:  Open your article. Use the Printer icon from top: Select Page Range to Print:  Example: 121-122

      HOW TO CITE:  MLA Source Citation is located top right in Citation Tools (MLA 8) 

    8. LitFINDER [Subscription Databases/Literature & Authors] 

            Very user-friendly database for understanding and explaining poetry, novels, plays, and short stories with some critical overviews.  Includes Primary Sources (the literary work) also.

    Search by AUTHOR'S NAME.  You will find a short Biographical article.
    Topic & Work Overviews for an explanation of a poem, play, or short story.  The actual text is included.

    9.  GVRL  Gale Virtual Reference Library eBooks for Literary Criticism (hundreds)  [Subscription Databases/Literature & Authors

            For eBooksPrinting is limited!  Use the Follow Me B&W printer for double-sided pages.

    Twayne's Authors Online Series
    for English and American authors. Also in Literature Resources from Gale.

                   HOW TO CITE an eBook from TWAYNE'S

                          Click on 
    "About This Publication" and open the CITATION TOOLS at the top.

    Copy and Save the citation from MLA 8 ed.

                          How to Cite a CHAPTER:  Open CITATION TOOLS and copy & paste the MLA citation 8 ed.

             NOVELS FOR STUDENTS has 16 volumes. Insert your TITLE in the search box.

                         HOW TO CITE your Article:

                                    The MLA 8 ed is at the end of the article or at the top. See TOOLS and Copy and paste the full citation.  The "Document URL" is a permanent link.

    10. Periodical Databases: [Subscription Databases/Periodicals] 

              ProQuest [Subscription Databases/Periodicals]  *Peer-reviewed journals

              Access scholarly peer-reviewed journals FOR LITERARY CRITICISM, trade publications, magazines, and newspapers - select FULL TEXT. 
    Penn State University has this database.
     Includes The New York Times full-text since 1981: has great book reviews

            The New York Times Books and Reviews since 1981

               See SEARCH BOOK REVIEWS SINCE 1981 in top right corner:  Insert TITLE.
    The New York Times (1851 - present, excluding 1923-1980) 

                IN-SCHOOL ACCESS
     - NO LOG-IN NEEDED (No remote access)

    If you want to work at home, you will need to email addresses from articles in school. They will open as well as New York Times' articles on the Library pages.

    If an article prompts you to buy the article (articles from 1923-1980), do not pay! Copy the title of the article you want, and paste it in ProQuest. It will be free. Mrs. Yerkees can also help you.

             HOW TO CITE your Article from The New York Times

    11. Contemporary Authors Online POWER Library [Subscription Databases/Literature & Authors

             Biographical information on 20th and 21st century writers of fiction, poetry, plays, nonfiction, and screenwriters.

    Literary Criticism Resources on the LMHS Library Page [Subject Links/English]

               Check out these excellent websites. Many were recommended by LMHS students!

    13. Search Huntingdon Valley's Library Collection online and Montgomery County Libraries [Subject Links/Libraries]

             Results show location of books in Montgomery County's Libraries (MCLINC system).

              Gale Student Resources in Context

    15. Gale's Literary Index: [Subject Links/English]  an index to reference books/online databases published by Gale

    Search by Author. Scroll down to find your literary work by TITLE.

            Refer to the REFERENCE BOOKS  hyperlinked chart for details on individual titles. This includes total number of volumes per series.

    16. How to Cite

    Available online LMHS Library's MLA Guide to Composing Your Works Cited or Works Consulted Page   

    MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 8th ed., is located at our Quick Ref section of the Circulation Desk (REF 808 MLA).


    (Total number of volumes)
    (Call number)
    African American Writers
    (2 v.)
    Huntingdon Valley: v. 1-2 (REF 810.9896 AFR)
    American Writers
    (36 v.)
    LMHS: v. 1-4 and Supp. 1-4 (REF 810.9 UNG)
    Huntingdon Valley: Supp. 1-23 (REF 810.9 AME)
    Black Literature Criticism
    (3 v.)
    Jenkintown: v. 1-3 (R 809 Bla)
    British Writers
    (34 v.)
    LMHS: v. 1-7 & Supp. 1-3  (REF 820.9 BRI)
    Huntingdon Valley: Supp. 1-19 (REF 820.09 BRI)
    Childrens Literature Review
    (188 v.)
    Norristown: v. 1-85
    (Juv. Ref. RJ028.1 C536c)
    Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism
    (160 v.)
    Huntingdon Valley: v. 1-35 (REF 809.2 CMLC)
    Contemporary Authors
    (342 v.)
    LMHS: v. 1-145 (REF 920.03 CON)
    Huntingdon Valley (REF 920.03 CA)
    Contemporary Authors New Revision Series
    (258 v.)
    Huntingdon Valley (REF 920.03 CANR)
    Contemporary Literary Criticism
    (353 v.)
    LMHS: v. 1-86 (REF 809 CON)
    Huntingdon Valley: v. 1-245 (REF 809 CLC)
    Dictionary of Literary Biography
    (373 v.)
    Abington: v. 1-373 (REF 810.8 DIC)
    Drama Criticism
    (49 v.)
    LMHS: v. 1-6, 11, 20 (REF 809.2 DRA)
    Abington: v. 1-36 (REF 809.2 DRA)
    Drama for Students
    (30 v.)
    Jenkintown: v. 1-26 (R 809.2 Dra)
    Literature Criticism from 1400-1800
    (229 v.)
    LMHS: v. 1-2 (REF 809 LIT)
    Huntingdon Valley: v. 1-52 (REF 809.024 LC)
    Literature and Its Times
    (7 v.)
    LMHS: v. 1-7 (REF 809.93 GAL)
    Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism
    (284 v.)
    LMHS: v. 1-47 (REF 809 NIN)
    Huntingdon Valley: v. 1-188 (REF 809.034 NCLC)
    Abington: v. 1-203 (REF 809.034 NIN)
    Novels for Students
    (43 v.)
    Huntingdon Valley: v. 1-17 (REF 809.33 NOV)
    Abington: v. 1-44 (REF 809.3 NOV)
    Poetry Criticism
    (151 v.)
    Abington: v. 1-101 (REF 809.1 POE)
    Poetry for Students
    (44 v.)
    Ludington: v. 1-7 (REF 811.54 POE)
    Reference Guide to  American Literature
    (1 v.)
    Upper Perkiomen Valley (810.9 R332r)
    Reference Guide to English Literature
    (3 v.)
    Bucks County Community College, Butler PA (R 820 R259k2)
    Shakespearean Criticism
    (154 v.)
    Huntingdon Valley: v. 1-10 (REF 822.33 SHA)
    Abington: v. 1-109 (REF 822.33 SHA)
    Short Stories for Students
    (37 v.)
    Jenkintown: v. 1-27 (R 809.31 Sho)
    Short Story Criticism
    (193 v.)
    Abington: v. 1-160 (REF 809.31 SHO)
    Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism
    (293 v.)
    Huntingdon Valley: v. 1-196 (REF 809.04 TCLC)
    Abington: v. 1-259 (REF 809.04 TWE)
    World Literature Criticism: 1500-Present
    (8 v.)
    LMHS: v. 1-6, Supp. 1-2 (REF 809 WOR)
    World Literature and Its Times
    (8 v.)
    LMHS: v. 3 - 4, British and Irish Literature and Its Times (REF 820.9 WOR)
    World Poets
    (3 v.)
    LMHS: v. 1-3 (REF 809.1 WOR)
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