• Lower Moreland Township School District

    Home Access Center (HAC)


    Home Access Center allows parents/guardians to check attendance, grades, progress reports, schedules, and basic registration information on their children.


    *     To access the site, use the link found at the District’s website www.lmtsd.org. Click on Home Access Center and you will be redirected to a new page. At the bottom of the page, click on the link that will take you to the login screen.


    *     Enter your Username and Password (provided on the other side of this letter). You will be able to view information on all your children using the same Username and Password. If you cannot see all of your children when you login please call 215-938-0270215-938-0270, ext. 4557.


    *     Once you are at HAC, the first screen will contain the listing of your children. To view information on your child, click on his/her name.   (If you only have one child in the district you will not be directed to the page listing multiple students).


          On the top of the screen you will see the following icon menu items: Home (Week View), Attendance, Classes, Grades, and Registration. When clicking on an icon the information will display. Some pages have multi-tabs for more information.


         On the top right side you will see the name of the student whose records you are viewing. There will be a button to Change Student to choose a different child.


          Above your student’s name you will see your name. If you hoover over it My Account will display. Click on this to change your password.


    HAC Menu

    Information about the contents


    The current week’s schedule with links to the day and the full schedule. Additional tab contains links to bus schedules, etc.


    Complete student schedule with Classwork tab. Teachers may be emailed directly from this page.

    Classwork lists the grades for each course and the grades by assessment. The default lists the grades by course. If you would like to change the view, use the pull down options for classes to view, report card run, and order. After you change the selections, please remember to click “refresh view”.


    Color coded attendance calendar. Hover over the day to see details about the absence. Use the arrows to the left and right of the month to change months.


    Tabs to display the Report Card or the Interim Progress Report


    Contains basic registration, Personal, Emergency, Contacts. Also on this page is the tab to Update Registration. This is required at the beginning of each school year. Updates may also be made throughout the year.

    My Profile

    Allows you to change your password.

    Please remember to click on Logoff when you have finished viewing HAC.


    If you have questions about this site or information contained within it, please refer to the detailed information found on the HAC page on the District’s website.


Last Modified on September 8, 2016