• Home Access Center


    Lower Moreland Township School District
    Home Access Center (HAC)

    HAC   To access HAC from our district's website (https://www.lmtsd.org/) using a computer's browser, click on "Home Access Center" (or the house icon) at the top right corner of any page.  If you are using a mobile device (or a smaller browser window), click on "Menu" at the top left of any page of our district's website, then click on the plus sign (+) to the right of "Popular Links", and then click on "Home Access Center".  Either method will redirect you to the "About Home Access Center" page.

     HAC   Click on the large blue house icon at the top of the "About Home Access Center" page (or at the top of this page!), or click on the direct link to HAC located towards the bottom of the "About Home Access Center Page" (https://lmrhomeaccess.spihost.com/).  You will be redirected to the Login page for Home Access Center.

     HAC   Enter your district-provided user name and password, and then click "Login".  If you have forgotten your password or experience login issues, please refer to the "Help with Home Access Center" page (https://www.lmtsd.org/Page/490).

     HAC   Once you are logged in to HAC, you will see your student's name at the top right corner.  If you have multiple students attending school in our district, you will see a "Change Student" button next to your student's name.  To view the information for a different student, click on "Change Student", then click on the name of the student you'd like to view, and then click on "Submit".

     HAC   You should also see your own name at the top right corner of HAC.  Click on your name and then on "My Account" to view the full name, address, username, and email address that we currently have on file for you.  You can also change your HAC password here and create a challenge question for use if you forget your password in the future.

     HAC   At the top center of HAC you should see five (5) icons: Home, Attendance, Classes, Grades, and Registration.  Click on any of these icons to view the relevant section of HAC.  Some sections have multiple tabs which each include different related information.