• Center Time

    Another important part of our kindergarten curriculum is free play that we call Center Time.  We believe that children learn through play and during this free time children have the chance to develop their social and emotional skills as well as reinforce the academic skills learned throughout the day.  

    This daily activity gives each child a chance to choose one center and spend about 45 minutes engaged in free play. The children use cards to choose from the following centers: blocks, discovery (math and science), art, reading and writing, computers, dramatic play, and woodworking (which opens with the supervision of a parent since children are using real tools). At the end of the day, the cards used for that days centers are put away until each child has visited all centers. This rotational system gives children a chance to explore all materials available at each center and spend play time with different friends.

    At centers children choose where they want to spend their playtime. As they become familiar with the routine and with their peers, they begin planning projects to work on and partners with whom to play with at each center.  

    This is certainly a very valuable time in our classroom. To some adults, it may look like children are just playing. But in the eyes of teachers we know that these children are engaging in life long skills such as turn-taking, listening, speaking, writing, reading, counting, and problem solving. They are also engaging in critical thinking experiences as well as developing fine and gross motor skills. It is wonderful to watch children at play! Play is the childs work.  

Last Modified on March 31, 2020