• Very Important Information


    Bus Tags:For the first few weeks of school please be sure that your child wears his/her tag to school every morning. This will help ensure your child's safety and make sure that he/she is directed to the correct classroom in the morning and sent the correct way home in the afternoon.

    Dismissal: On any given day if there is a change of plans regarding your child's after school transportation, we must have a note from you. We can not take your child's word for it because kindergartners often get confused. If a note, or a phone call to the office, is not received, your child will be sent home by their usual method of transportation. 

    Absences: Please call 215-938-0270 to report your childs absence by 9:15 a.m. When prompted by the auto attendant, please press #8, wait for the second auto attendant and press #1 for Pine Road.  If a student does not report to school and the parent or guardian has not notified the school of the absence by 9:15 a.m., the school will call the home, parent and/or guardian to ensure the child is safe at home.

    Our school nurse has great advice on when you should keep your child home from school. Please click HERE to visit her page.

    Please fill out  A BLUE CARD explaining the absence to be submitted within three days of the absence. 

    Lunch Money: Please send in all money in an envelope with your child's name, ID number, and Room 15 on the front. You can also set up a lunch account online at myschoolbucks.com If you have questions about lunch please visit the cafeteria page and contact cafeteria at (215) 938-0270 ext 6214. Visit the cafeteria page here: 


    Toys:  I ask that your child's own personal toys be kept at home. I know how important personal things are to the students and I wouldn't want them to get lost or ruined.

    Communication Folder:Please check your child's folder every day for important information that may be coming home from the school!

    Encore: Students need to bring their library book to school every library day to exchange it for a new book. Students are always encouraged to wear sneakers in kindergarten but they MUST wear sneakers for gym class! 

    Volunteering: I LOVE having volunteers. The first few weeks I will be working hard with the students to establish a classroom community and make sure routines are in place.  I will have a volunteer schedule ready for October after we meet at Back to School Night.

Last Modified on March 31, 2020