• Library Policies
    1. Students may check out a maximum of three (3) books.
    2. Circulation Period - Normal circulation period is four (4) weeks.  At the end of the four weeks students should either return the book to the library or renew the book.
    3. Renewing Books - To renew a book, the book must be brought into the library to be scanned OR students may access the library catalog online to renew a book.
    4. Lost or Damaged Books must be paid for. In the case of a damaged book, the librarian will estimate the cost of repair or replacement.

    Murray Avenue Library Materials Selection Process


    Materials for our library will be selected based upon, but not limited to, the following criteria:

    • As deemed appropriate by the SLMS for the MAS collection
    • Award winning literature
    • Reviewed favorably by a reputable source (such as Booklist by the ALA)
    • Recommended by staff, students, or parents
    • To complete a series that is in process
    • To complement a curricular unit of study
    • To fill a perceived gap in collection as assessed by collection analysis

     W.I.N. Library Policies 


    1.   Students must procure W.I.N. passes from the library before W.I.N. starts.

    2.   Students may not get W.I.N. passes for other students or trade W.I.N. passes.

    3.   Only 25 students may sign up for W.I.N. in a day.

    4.   Students coming to the library for W.I.N. must be working with library resources the entire period.

    5.   Once a student arrives at W.I.N., they may not leave to go to other classrooms or their locker until end of the day dismissal.

    6.  Students may not get W.I.N. passes the day(s) before they want to come down.

    7.  Speaking volumes must be at a whisper to not disturb other students working during W.I.N.

    8.  At the end of W.I.N., students will be silent to listen for announcements and dismissal. Before leaving, all students must log off computers and push in their chairs.