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    This page will provide useful tips and timely information to AGTS members.


    Hint 1: Create an AGTS folder and save it on your computers desktop. Save       all information you glean on-line in that folder.

    Hint 2: Having trouble finding information on your reproduction?

    • Go to our art reference web sites link (see navigation bar on left).
    • Go to Museum web sites, and see if the museum that owns the original of your print has any information about it on line.
    • If not, click below for a prototype letter to send to the museum where the original of your print is located. 
    • Download or copy and paste this letter into a Word Document and save it in your AGTS file. It is ready to send out. Go to Museum sites on our navigation bar, find the pertinent museum, and get its mailing address.
    • Or, e-mail museum for information; most museum web sites have a contact us feature.
    Hint 3: Click on link below for a blank Report Summary sheet. Download or copy and paste it into a Word document  and use it to do your report summary.



    Hint 4: Create an e-mail subgroup of your chapters members. You can attach your report summary and send it to everyone ahead of your talk.

Last Modified on August 23, 2008