Physical Education at Murray Avenue School

    The goal of the Murray Avenue physical education program is to provide students an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, both traditional and non-traditional, in a safe and positive environment. Physical education will address the physical, mental/emotional, and social needs of the middle school student. Students will learn a variety of skills necessary for successful participation, improve fitness, acquire teamwork skills, and relieve the daily stresses of life.
    In order to provide a safe environment for every student, both physically and emotionally, all students are expected to adhere to the following guidelines.
    • Students are expected to be on time. A late note is required to enter class if class has begun.


    • Excessive absenteeism or lateness can result in a lower grade.


    • Students must wear clean, appropriate and safe clothing

    Athletic Shorts or Sweatpants


    Pant length may not exceed the sole of sneaker


    Jeans are not acceptable


    Pants must fit and not hang below the waist


      Tee-Shirt and/or Sweatshirt

                No spaghetti straps


                No sleeveless shirts


                Bottom of shirt must meet top of shorts

    Athletic sneakers

                Slip on sneakers must fit securely


                No open back sneakers


                Sneakers must be tied properly to ensure a snug fit

    • Students should be prepared daily for both indoor and outdoor weather activities.


    • PE staff will monitor uniform and students will be informed if wearing inappropriate attired.


    • Jewelry has the potential to cause injury and should be worn at a minimal. During certain activities students may be asked to remove jewelry for safety concerns (i.e. watches and rings during volleyball activities)


    Student Athletes


    • Students who participate in athletics are expected to be leaders in PE class.
    • Athletes who do not participate in PE may not be eligible to play in competition on that day.


    Locker Rooms

    o       Students will be given four minutes to change at the beginning of the period.


    o       Students must exit the locker room immediately after changing into uniform.


    o       Students may not leave personal belongings outside of lockers.  Articles left behind will be disposed of.


    o       Students must keep lockets secured by a personal lock (combination) or a school issued lock.


    o       Students may not share lockers.


    o       PE staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items


    o       Absolutely no negative behavior will be tolerated. Consequences will be severe to ensure student safety.


    o       Students will not be permitted to re-enter the locker room during class time.


    o       Shower use is optional.


    o       Students will not enter PE offices without permission.



    Squad Lines

    o       Students must sit in assigned squad immediately after exiting locker room.


    o       Students with a medical excuse of students who are not prepared for PE class will sit in squads immediately after putting school articles in locker room.


    o       Students will sit in squads and may talk quietly until the four-minute allotted time to change has expired.


    o       Students attention is required once whistle blows to acknowledge the start of class.



    Class - General Expectations


    o       Students will participate to their fullest potential.


    o       Students will assist and motivate other classmates.


    o       Students will not cause any unsafe situations for themselves or others.


    o       Students will use appropriate language and actions


    o       Students will follow directions and engage in a healthy and safe environment.


    o       Students will not enter equipment closets or fitness center unless instructed to do so.


    o       Students will be expected to keep equipment in good condition and assist in clean up.





    o       Students will be given six minutes to change into school attire.


    o       Students will exit locker room immediately after changing and wait in gymnasium until dismissed by teacher.


    o       Students will leave the gymnasium and go quietly to the next class or be dismissed from school at the end of the day.


    o       Students are expected to keep the noise level down during announcements.





    o       Students can earn a maximum of 10 points each class period.


    o       Points will be accumulated each quarter and an average will be calculated.


    Point system    


    1.      Punctual and sitting quietly in squad = 1 point

    2.      Appropriate dress = 2 point

    3.      Positive attitude = 1 point

    4.      Demonstration of critical elements = 1 point

    5.      Participation = 5 points (1-5 depending on level of participation)


    o       A student not fully prepared for class may earn a maximum of 8 points if wearing safe clothing and participates in PE activity.  However a zero will be given to any student not able to participate in class due to unsafe/inappropriate clothing.


    o       A student chronically unprepared or not participating to fullest potential will be required to complete a written assignment(s). Topics will be related to health and physical education.


    o       A student receiving three zeros will not be able to receive a grade higher than a B. Grade will be continually affected with each zero issued.


    o       A student must have a note from their parent to be excused from activities due to sickness or injury.  Students must have a doctor (not a parent) note to be excused from class activities for a period of three or more days.


    o       A student who has a cast on any body part will not be permitted to participate in any activities until the PE staff/school nurse receives a doctor note releasing the student from treatment and verifying the student is able to return to physical activity.


    The philosophy of the Murray Avenue P.E. staff is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.  Students of all abilities will have equal opportunities to do well, if the above guidelines are met.  Welcome to an exciting year of Murray Avenue physical education.




Last Modified on June 13, 2021