• Use your time wisely during classroom workshop time and during 
    Period 9 W.I.N. class...You can finish your homework & study for tests. 
     Need Help?  Need to make up an assessment?
    Ask Mrs. Sullivan for a W.I.N. pass.
    WEEK OF:  

    READING: Finished for the year!

    Mon: ... No HW
    Tues: ... No HW
    Wed:  ....No HW
    Thurs: ...No HW
    Fri: .... No HW
    M-F: Read 15 minutes/night
    GRAMMAR: Finished for the year!
    Mon:  ...
    Tues: ...
    Wed:  ..
    Thurs: ..
    Fri:   ...

     WRITING: Finished for the year!
    Mon: .....No HW
    Tues: ....No HW
    Wed: ......No HW
    Thurs: .....No HW
    Fri: ... No HW
    POETRY BOOK ...sent home for parents to enjoy 
    SCRAPBOOK...sent home for parents to enjoy

    Assignments provide practice for skill lessons taught in class.  Students need to do the assigned practice work for the sake of learning.  Grade Point Average [GPA] scores are more likely to increase because students do the practice work.  While I am available to assist, students are given the opportunity to complete most of the assignments during classroom Workshop time.  Any unfinished classwork can be completed during the W.I.N. period, or must be finished for homework.
         It is important for students to complete assignments by the due dates.  Late assignments are still expected as I use them to monitor understanding of the skills/concepts being tested.
    HEADS-UP:  Extra Help Opportunity during Period 9 W.I.N. class.  [What I Need] 
    I am available during W.I.N. class every day.
      Students should ask for a W.I.N pass to get extra help.
    The W.I.N. period can also be used to make-up quizzes or tests. 

Last Modified on June 18, 2015