• Lower Moreland High School

    Advanced Placement  Physics C

    Content Outline


    I.          Newtonian Mechanics (75%)


    A.     Kinematics (including vectors, vector algebra, components of vectors,     

         coordinate systems, displacement, velocity, and acceleration)(14%)

                 1. Motion in one dimension

                 2. Motion in two dimensions, including projectile motion


    B.    Newton's laws of motion (including friction and centripetal force) (14%)

     1. Static equilibrium (first law)

     2. Dynamics of a single particle (second law)

     3. Systems of two or more bodies (third law)


       C.   Work, energy, power (11%)

        1. Work and work-energy theorem

        2. Conservative forces and potential energy

        3. Conservation of energy

        4. Power


       D.   Systems of particles, linear momentum (10%)

               1. Center of Mass

        2.  Impulse and momentum

        3. Conservation of linear momentum, collisions


       E.   Circular Motion and Rotation (13 %)

              1. Uniform circular motion

              2. Torque and rotational statics

              3. Rotational kinematics and dynamics

              4. Angular Momentum and its conservation


       F.   Oscillations and gravitation (13%)

      1.  Simple harmonic motion (dynamics and energy relationships)

      2.  Mass on a spring

      3.  Pendulum and other oscillations

      4.  Newton's law of gravity

      5.  Orbits of planets and satellites

             a. Circular

             b. General




    II. Electricity and Magnetism (25%)


           A.  Electrostatics (5%)

       1. Charge, field, and potential

       2. Coulombs law and field and potential of point charges

      3. Fields and potentials of other charge distributions

           a. Planar

           b. Spherical symmetry


                B.  Conductors, capacitors, dielectrics  (5%)

              1. Electrostatics with conductors

              2. Capacitors

                  a. Parallel Plate

                  b. Spherical and cylindrical

              3. Dielectrics


             C.  Electric circuits  (10%)

            1. Current, resistance, power

            2. Steady-state direct current circuits with batteries and resistors only

            3. Capacitors in circuits


                D. Electromagnetism  (5%)

                   1. Forces on moving charges in magnetic fields

                  2. Forces on current-carrying wires in magnetic fields

                   3. Fields of long current-carrying wires

              4. Electromagnetic induction (including Faradays law and Lenzs law)


    In May you will take the

    A.P. Physics C Exam


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