• 2019-2020 Grade 9 Swimming Requirements

    Instructor:  Mr. C. Molt


    • The boys will swim  during the 2nd and 3rd marking periods. Swimming is part of our ninth grade Physical Education curriculum. 


    • Swimming will be 1/3 of the students PE grade each quarter.



    Students are only allowed 3 absences or excused non-participation (medical etc.) per quarter.  This includes PE and swimming.  After 3 excused non-participations all other misses will count as 0s unless made up. 







    • Students must be in the pool 75% of the swim classes.  Examples are: 15 out of 20 classes or 12 out of 16 classes.  This is dependent on the number of   times the swimming classes meet.  If you do not meet this participation requirement you will automatically fail Physical education the 2nd and/or 3rd marking period.  There will be opportunities to make up classes missed.


    • Students who are excused from swimming for the duration of the course for medical or religious reasons will be required to do a class presentation per quarter to fulfill their swimming requirement.


    • Students who are not swimming must sit in the pool area until dismissed.  You will not be allowed to go anywhere else.


    • Students should enter the pool area within 5 minutes of the second bell and will have at least 10 minutes to change at the end of class.


    • Suggested gear:

    Bathing suit

    Flip flops






    The pool is heated.   Enjoy the water.  Swimming is great exercise!

Last Modified on June 20, 2019